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Penname: UltraM2000 [Contact] Real name:
Member Since: 05/19/04
Name: UltraM2000
ASL: 17/F/Malaysia
Fic loves: Saiyuki, Gojyo, Hakkai, Houran, subtle shounen-ai, shitei-ai, grammar, wordplay, humour, fluff, gen, het.
Fic hates: OOCness, incoherent ficcage, MSTers, blatant PWP yaoi.
Favourite pairings: GojyoxHouran, GonouxKanan, KougaijixYaone, 585 and 393--in that order. ;)
Fics written: None so far. Will get some up soon.
Beta-reader: No
Membership status: Member
AOL IM None ICQ None MSN IM None Yahoo IM None
To School by UltraM2000 Rated: G [Reviews - 6]
Summary: Let's just say teacher's not happy with Jien's choice of show-and-tell material.
Categories: Saiyuki Characters: Sha Gojyo, Sha Jien
Genres: General Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 985
Published: 05/22/04 Updated: 05/22/04

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