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Drips and Drabs by Blood_Debt
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Disclaimer: "Gensomaden Saiyuki, Saiyuki: Reload, Saiyuki: Gaiden" and all of its characters were created by Kazuya Minekura. They belong to her and were used without prior permission. No monetary profit is made through this story.

a/n: This fic was ispired by that part in the manga where Kenren claims that Goku is his son. This is exactly 100 words.


"Your secret son?" the gods muttered, staring at the asectic hiding behind Kenren's robes. The antagonistic red head smirked arrogantly, putting a possessive arm around Goku's shoulders.

"But - but - a child like him is born from where the earth's energy is so tightly packed that it transforms into matter!" exclaimed one, obviously a boot licker of some kind.

"Why do you think so much energy was gathered there?" questioned Kenren.


"So, Kenren-san, exactly how did you do it?" Tenpou asked, adjusting his glasses to a straight level.

"... I stuck my arse down a rabbit hole."



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