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Complementary by Stage
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Disclaimer: Own Saiyuki? I wish.

Opening Comments: This idea has been bouncing about in my head for quite some time now and I never could figure out how to snatch it and put it down on paper. And I always figured Koumyuu Sanzo as much wiser than he let on...and a tricky sort, at that. :D But I adore 'im, anyway!

This is how I see his teachings interpreted.


His master had always stressed the importance of the one teaching Genjo Sanzo held most dear. Opposite colors were most lovely when lain against one another--they brought out the true vibrancy of their respective shades. Sanzo had first only seen with blue sky and orange paper airplane eyes, but gradually, his perspective grew wider. Still, he remembered the smell of autumn with the words, but that was to be expected.

Through wide-open eyes, Sanzo saw. He saw as Gojyo’s hands lingered a little longer than necessary on Hakkai, or how Hakkai saved all his real smiles and soft chuckles just for Gojyo, when they sat alone at night. They had always been rather oddly inseparable, Sanzo noted, for all the odd couple mannerisms. He’d never thought of it like this before--could the colors simply be symbolic for a deeper meaning?

Later that night, as Sanzo sat stewing and smoking, he pretended not to notice Gojyo as he pressed Hakkai up against a nearby tree when they thought they were alone. He pretended not to notice that Hakkai kissed with his eyes half-closed and when Gojyo’s hair got in them, he pretended not to notice how they became even more beautiful. Sanzo pretended not to notice the breathless pants or the erotic way Hakkai growled low in his throat. Not taking note of anything around him, Sanzo rose and returned to his bedroll and Goku’s (comforting) snoring.

“Oi, Hakkai,” Sanzo called the next day as they rumbled along in the jeep.

“Yes, Sanzo?”

“The opposite of red. What is it?”

Hakkai glanced at Sanzo, question flickering in the air between them. “Anou, green.”

Sanzo bobbed his head once. He had already known that one. “And what about violet?”

Hakkai didn’t answer immediately. Instead, a slow smile spread across his face, an easy, knowing, and amused smirk.

Sanzo’s palms itched for his gun; he should have know that Hakkai would catch on.

“You have such a thirst for knowledge today, Sanzo…the opposite of violet”--a glance to the back seat--“is gold, of course.”

Behind them, Gojyo began to chuckle. “Why, Sanzo-sama, I’ve never seen this side of you before…could it be that you really are human?”

Sanzo cocked his gun. “You perverted kappa, if I hear another word…”

“Na, Sanzo, what’s he talking about?”

“What indeed?” Hakkai murmured with a smirking glance in Sanzo’s direction.

Sanzo pinched the bridge of his nose. What had he gotten himself into? “Fuck.”

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