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Biddable by Celrevia
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biddable \BID-uh-buhl\, adjective: 1. Easily led or commanded; obedient. 2. Capable of being bid.


"Gojyo," Hakkai said brilliantly, "you are being perfectly unreasonable."

He was not being unreasonable. He really wasn't. Obviously everyone had gone insane. Batty. Bananas, even. It must have been that questionable breakfast egg. It was always the questionable breakfast eggs that did it. He tried to open his mouth to point out that they'd all obviously gone bat-shit and it wasn't his fault if all-night drinking games really went all night or that they'd actually have to pay for them.

"Gojyo? I'm going to need," Hakkai said in his most reasonable voice, eyes narrowing and glinting, "for you to take off your pants now."

"But I-"

"Is this genuine?" The man next to him asked, eagerly running a hand down the seem of his left leg. Gojyo tried kicking him away, but the man only ran a long callused finger over the worn leather. Gojyo flinched. The gods must have really hated him.

"Of course it's real leather. And I must insist, Gojyo, that you remove your pants so we can finish this transaction. I mean, it is, in part, your fault that we are now in financial difficulties -"

"Yeah, ero kappa," The monkey snerked. Heavenly Emperor, he just wanted to kick the brat in the face.

"- so everyone must take pains to help out in this kind of situation. So please take off your pants." Hakkai finished, tugging at the man who was eyeing his behind like a prime cut.

"But -"

"I'll give you twice the original price if it's real leather," the annoying man crowed, stroking his thigh.

"But -"

"Sold," The greedy monk bastard said to the man, "And shut it." He added, while reaching into his sleeve and glaring daggers at Gojyo.

Gojyo reared back, one long arm and threw his arm forward, ready to punch the man, who was cooing at the scent of his pants, straight in the face. Before his fist connected with the man's nose, it stopped as a rush of wind brushed his knuckles. The bullet missed by mere centimeters.

"Pants. Off. Now."

Sha Gojyo looked at his traveling companions. The monk glared back. The monkey gave him an impish smile. Hakkai pulled off a genuine smile, bloody minded as ever. He looked up, and counted to ten slowly, noting that it was about noon and therefore the consumption of alcohol could start being acceptable.

"Fine," he said at last, unfastening his belt, "I was just trying to say that I went commando today."



Disclaimer: Still am not king owner of Saiyuki.

Author's Note: Done for my April 2005 Word A Day self-challenge.

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