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Afterglow by Celrevia
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The routine had yet to be broken. Until that morning.

Gojyo found himself naked and sticky, which was perfectly normal. The hangover was still a fuzzy feeling at the edge of his consciousness. He would probably be feeling its edge by the time he chose to actually roll out of the bed which may, at this rate, be never.

He had his morning routine down to a science. All he had to do was roll over, pick up his shirt and possibly his pants, before leaping out the door to be on his merry way. He didn’t get up though, it was warm, and he was feeling really good with one of his hands wrapped nicely around the girl's waist. The girl next to him was a bit on the skinny side, angular hips at that, so she probably wouldn't be making him breakfast or anything if she was that damned skinny.

By the amount of light he could feel trying to wedge in under his eyelids, breakfast was probably long ago. Probably noon by now, should be getting home. Swing by the market and pick up a few montou for Hakkai who would be pissed, because hadn't he asked him to get home early to fix the sink? Hmm... no matter.

Cop a feel before lunch and out the door; that was his philosophy.

Gojyo slid a hand between the woman's knees, noted that the nape of her skin smelled faintly of soap and less of that girly perfume shit, and continued to slide that hand right up her thigh and - Oh. Shit. Girls weren't supposed to have one of those unless years of anatomical study had suddenly gone very, very, wrong.

Oh. Shit.

Gojyo tried to turn his head and bumped against a very familiar headboard with his very familiar name carved into it.

SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. His mind ran, screaming. He was at home. And that meant that Hakkai probably knew that he had brought a... And he was in such a giant pile of metaphorical shit right now. He was also backed up against the wall in Hakkai's (well, technically his, but he didn't really use it much anyway) bed and there was a naked -- not even going to touch that subject -- and Hakkai was probably somewhere in the apartment, knowing that Gojyo was with someone and he had promised himself that he would never bring someone back to the apartment while Hakkai lived there because that just wouldn't. It wouldn't. It just wouldn't be right.

"Gojyo." Hakkai's voice bounding in his ears and the sounds connecting his brain and shit. Obviously Hakkai was awake and there, in that room, and seeing this and he was in a lot of -

Shitshitshit Hakkai. I'm really sorry and I didn't. I was drunk and I didn't. I mean, I didn't. It was a mistake and I was drunk and I can totally (not) explain this and shit. Hakkai. Shit. I brought another guy home, not even a woman, which wouldn't be much better but still. And I told myself I'd never bring someone into our apartment and shit, Hakkai, it's not like that and.

"Gojyo," Hakkai's voice all even and near, a touch of concern around the edge, maybe worry, "Gojyo?"

He was having horrible nightmares of Hakkai's face materializing out of the wall, he could hear his voice so close, and Hakkai's eyes would just be so tired. And he had remembered when he was stupid enough, when Hakkai had first slid back into his life, to bring a girl home and had seen that tired look in Hakkai's eyes. The one that just showed how broken he was, because it was Hakkai and his past was so. And Hakkai hadn't wanted to talk about it but he had seemed so hurt by it and he had said he wouldn't take girls home anymore.

And shit. Shit. Stupid. Dumb. He wasn't going to be able to talk to Hakkai for a month without that look flittering in his eyes and shit. He had fucked this up bad.

And where were his youkai sense? Weren't they supposed to be tingling, warning of danger? Shouldn't he really be kneeing the bastard next to him out of the bed? He should be kicking this bastard out of his apartment right now, because no amount of pleading and talking to Hakkai would erase that tired look and he was in so deep, this time, no amount of cajoling and pleading would make Hakkai brighten up. And he would just keep telling Hakkai that he didn't know that it was a guy and it would be awkward enough, as it was, with just bringing someone home when he knew that Hakkai didn't have someone to have. Wouldn't have someone to have.

And suddenly a hand clamped on his, which was still between warm thighs, and pushed them away and he shuddered at the touch.

He could feel one of his eyes, which had previously been trying to shrink back into his skull, snap open at the touch enough to see the curve of the ear of the bastard next to him. The ear in question had a limiter on it. Shit. Youkai. He had fucked, or more appropriately been fucked from the soreness that he felt in places that shouldn't be sore, a youkai. Shit. And this was worse, and he wouldn't be able to talk to Hakkai about how he had really fucked up this time, about how he just couldn't quite control whatever it was that made him want to hump everything in sight. And it would be so awkward whenever he talked to Hakkai and -

There was just, some idle part of his mind thought, something very...

"Gojyo," Hakkai said as he pushed out of the bed and stood up, naked, "I'm going to go take a shower now. Please get all the sheets bundled up so that I can get them washed this afternoon."

... familiar about that limiter. Oh. Oh, ok. Oh. Shit. Ok.

Sha Gojyo could feel his brain shutting off. Little electric signals ceasing to flicker in his brain. Suddenly, one plus one did not equal two. It equaled eight.

Hakkai suddenly swam into view, a bright smile plastered on his face. One of Hakkai's very long index fingers swam into view, he could feel himself going cross-eyed as he followed its movement and Hakkai beeped his nose fondly.

"I hope you're not too sore. I'll need you to fix the sink in about an hour. And replace the light bulb in the refrigerator. Don't forget to go to the market today for groceries."

Hakkai swam back out of sight, but the sound of his footsteps alerted him that the man was, indeed, going in the general direction of the bathroom.

Gojyo rolled onto his back, ignoring the wet spot in the middle of the sheets, and tried to ignore the sensation of his mind melting and flowing out his ears. He tried to think back to what happened last night and drew a blank, which meant that he had drunk himself into a stupor or he had the most mind-blowing sex of his life. On either account, he was never going to drink again. Ever. (Or not.)

"And don't forget to take Hakuryuu for a walk!" Hakkai's voice radiated from somewhere to his left to the sound of water being turned on, "And pick up some eggs and pickled vegetables. I think we're running out."


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