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Medication by Celrevia
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Medicine is not a life calling, but its practicality on the road is immense, and so, Hakkai takes all the opportunities he can to drag out his battered medical journals for study.

He usually browses through the physical injuries list, most of which his traveling members have managed to inflict upon themselves someway or another. He stays far away from the list of psychological and bodily diseases, the kind that wear a person down to nothing.

He has become good at it, probably better than most professional doctors. He can list the practical uses of dock leaves, the healing aspects of herbs, and can set broken bones from memory and touch. He doesn't need his eyes to do anything, it just comes naturally to soothe scrapes and stop bleeding. Medicine is dispensed with an adept hand and he insists that everyone take vitamins daily, since beef jerky very rarely makes for a balanced meal.

He takes good care of them, rubbing salves and binding wounds with makeshift bandages, but there's more to it than that. There's healing he can do with his hands, and there's healing that takes more than stitches and medicine and the wounds appear everywhere among his patients.

Sanzo is a deep cut, an ugly one that festers and sores. He's the kind that needs to be kept clean constantly, the kind that only bitter medicine and time can cure. There will always be scars, the kind that leave an impression on the world, and the skin will always remain puckered and obvious. Left untended to, it can open up again and get infected. It is best to take great care in dealing with a gash so deep. Applying alcohol does not always help, and it leaves an uncomfortable sting at times.

Goku is a broken bone, the kind that one would set with steady hands and a watchful eye. There will always be a slight ghost of a limp left behind, but nothing to worry about. He is the kind of broken bone that, when age overcomes it, feels the stirrings of a storm. It can only get stronger with time, if set properly. Measures are taken to ensure that the same fracture does not occur again, and it is best to keep the patient well fed to keep up their strength.

Gojyo is a lingering disease. The kind that Hakkai is slow to deal with, because there is a striking difference between diseases and wounds. Gojyo is a wasting disease, one that wants water and food but can not seem to absorb enough to keep the body healthy. Hakkai does his best to provide warmth, keep the body moving and as clean as possible. He can't think to do anything else for him, for Gojyo has the type of disease that can only be fought from the inside. A good doctor prescribes an easy life, one that is balanced, for the best results.

If Cho Hakkai is anything, he is a ruptured blood vessel, one that lies just beneath the skin. There's little that one can do but staunch the blood flow. The three of them keep a steady pressure on him, keep him from nearly bursting completely. Blood clots over time, and that is the best hope for healing.

The four of them lean against each other, and that is how they hobble along; limp arms are slung over shoulders and they walk slow but steady, supporting each other as they make their way.

Like any good doctor, he knows not too look too deeply into the symptoms. He just knows how to heal.



Disclaimer: Standard. I don't own Saiyuki and I know crap-all about medicine and it shows.

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