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Because by Narsus
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Disclaimer: Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura and associates.

Dark and AU.

I’m playing with perceptions again so I can’t warn for anything else without spoiling the effect.


In the evenings she’s meticulous in her preparations, in the delicate use of razors and the subtle application of makeup. Her short hair styled perfectly to give the illusion of being longer but only held back. The perfume she wears masks any other faint scents. Her white hands soft under the copious use of creams, though her nails remain remarkably short regardless of their artificial colour.

Today those nails are silver, to match the swirling patterns on her dress. She prefers to wear white dresses that highlight her parlour and her golden hair.

Someone once called her angelic but there is nothing innocent in her smile and of course, the men she chooses like it that way. And they are men rather than youkai. Though no one notices in these unstable times.

But even if there were youkai, who had not fallen to the minus wave she would forever pass them by.

Because no one notices that the men she chooses do not return. Or at least, no one notices that they are missing, until it’s already too late. And by then she has already moved on.

Because there is a mission to accomplish and the youkai who come in daylight are at least honest about their intent.

Because, when he actually bothers to think about it, Genjyo Sanzo knows it is only humans who have ever hurt him.


I’ve been meaning to write cross-dressing Sanzo for a while now, as a serious thing rather than just played for laughs. Though this turned out rather darker than it could have been. The Rammstein/Rob Zombie remix of Spookshow Baby might also have had something to do with it.

Also, because RB posed a question about the killing a thousand youkai thing and I went off on a tangent.

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