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Luxury by Celrevia
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On hot nights they sleep under the same ceiling fan, in the same room, and on the floor. They don't have enough money for two fans, or even one fan, so they use the creaking contraption in the room that is connected to the kitchen (it was the room Gonou had laid in as he bled, and it would seem a horrible irony to call it the "living room") and since the swinging fan can barely give a few puffs of relief they leave the windows open too, in hopes of air that doesn't make it feel so hot and wet and heavy. Like drowning.

It's a good thing, then, that Gojyo's a very good swimmer.

On cold nights they sleep in that same room, and leave the fire going in the kitchen so the warmth can seep in through their scarred flesh, and tired muscles, and into their bones. They don't have money for two comforters so they sleep under the same one and conserve body heat, one arm slung over a shoulder and another curled around a thin waist.

Hakkai talks about bills, mostly, and how they're going to pay for electricity next month but, when it comes down to it, doesn't seem to mind the cold so much even though they could afford real heating. Gojyo talks about painting the bare room to give it more color and life. They both agree that it would not be painted red, for different reasons.

They close the curtains in the spring and fall to block out the rain. They play cards a lot. Gojyo drinks and smokes, but moderately, because they need grocery money. They don't talk a lot because all the old stories have been told and the new ones haven't started, not yet at least.

Gojyo still dreads the occasional letter from Baldy and his monkey. Hakkai pleasantly writes them New Year's cards and the occasional letter that invites them over for beer and a hand of poker (though he himself is banned from playing, mainly because Jeep's trunk is still full of IOU's from their long and tedious journey back).

The beer is cheap and there are always cigarette burns (and bullet holes) in the coffee table the next day but the company's not that bad.

They aren't rich or anything but, hell, it's a living.



Disclaimer: Yeah. Saiyuki? Not mine, obviously.

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