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A Monk's Pride by OptiMoose
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A Monk's Pride

by Birgit "Lee" Kohls
(c) December 2004

Sanzo aimed carefully. He couldn't afford to miss, not here and now. The consequences of him failing would be unspeakable, not to mention embarrassing. Genjo Sanzo, shooter par excellence and the 31st descendant of Toa in protecting the sacred scrolls of creation, just could not miss.

He muttered a curse as he was savagely slammed from one wall of the tiny room to the other. This, Sanzo realized with consternation, wouldn't work, at least not this way. He changed position, sat down on the small, uncomfortable seat, desperately searching for a hold as the room tilted rapidly from left to right - or was it forward and backward, he couldn't say. The motion almost swept him to the floor, but he managed to stay seated with an incredible effort.

The monk pondered if he should just give up for now and wait for the next opportunity, but he knew that he never would make it that long. The pain had become unbearable, he had to do something. Curse Gojyo and his asinine ideas! They couldn't just do this the usual way and drive to the West employing Jeep's services, no, they had to 'behave normally' and 'join the crowd'. Idiot.

He should never have given in to the pervert kappa's begging, not in a million years. The rattling and shaking seemed to lessen and Sanzo closed his eyes for a moment, trying to relax his tensed muscles.

"Now or never!" He mumbled with the air of desperation. The violent motion that bolted him out of his concentration would have made an earthquake pale in comparison, Sanzo decided.

"One last try," he rallied himself. "You can do this... Close your eyes... relax... let it go... Yes, that's it!"

With a sigh of relief, Sanzo got up from the seat he had involuntarily occupied, and readied himself to face the world again. He opened the door of his confinement and made his way back into the light. The rest of his 'companions' sat at the far end of the narrow aisle, playing cards, chattering and drinking soda. None of them seemed to have noticed his distress, the length of his absence. Excellent.

"Hey Sanzo," Gojyo grinned. "What kept you so long?"

Sanzo glared at the redhead and wanted to give a snide reply, then saw the can of beer in Gojyo's hand.

This was a long trip. Let the idiot find out about the dangers of using the facilities in a moving bus all by himself.

"Nothing," he said with a malicious smile.

The End

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