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“Can’t get any sleep?”

Sanzo looked up to the approaching voice, his body tensing. He hated having his privacy intruded upon. The intruder, dressed in a pale purple nightdress, knew this, and his smile took an impish curve. Without asking, the intruder then seated himself demurely on the bench. Sanzo stiffened even more at the proximity. “What do you want, Hazel?”

The silver haired bishop looked offended. “I just need some fresh air, that is all. My, my… whatever did I do to deserve your suspicion?”

Sanzo narrowed his eyes. “Don’t act innocent with me. I know you’re up to something.”

Hazel sighed. “Really, Sanzo-han, you ought to be less defensive about things. But I guess it’s understandable since you trust no one other than yourself.” He paused for a moment, staring straight into the monk’s eyes. “Why are you here then?” he asked, eyebrow raised, the smirk in place once more. Something in his facial expression told the blonde that Hazel already knew the reason and was just baiting him.

“None of your business,” Sanzo answered sharply before turning away. He drew out his cigarette pack and lighter then, wanting to irritate the man beside him with his habit.

“Smoking is bad for you,” Hazel said then as Sanzo proceeded to light a stick. The blonde ignored the comment, and took in a deep drag before blowing out leisurely. The bishop coughed slightly. “The redhead enjoys smoking too, right? I wonder how the healer manages to endure the stench of nicotine, when they kiss that is.”

The blonde nearly chocked on his next drag. Widened violet eyes pivoted quickly to the man beside him. Hazel had a thoughtful look on his face, surprisingly calm. “How long have those two been together?” the bishop asked then as his gaze leveled back to Sanzo. “No, don’t answer that. But I do pity you, Sanzo-han, having to allow them an hour or so before going back. I guess the young boy has terrible sleeping habits?”

“Shut up!” Sanzo snapped. How on earth did the bishop know about Hakkai and Gojyo and the arrangement between them?

But Hazel seemed deaf to the outburst. “You should try to be more accommodating. Lovers shouldn’t be kept apart. And besides, I have spare earplugs if you want them.”

Sanzo’s temples throbbed painfully. “Just shut up and get back to your room!” he hissed. He could not believe the bishop was being so calm about such things. He was under the impression that Hazel was a devout Catholic.

“Tsk tsk…” Sanzo wished he could wipe the annoying smirk off the bishop’s face. “You have such temper, Sanzo-han. Coupled with your smoking habits, I’d say that’s at least twenty years taken off your lifespan.”

Sanzo’s hand moved deftly to the back of his jeans, intent on grabbing his gun, but Hazel was quicker, catching hold of both the blonde’s hands, knocking the cigarette to the ground. “Let go of me! Let go, I say!” He struggled to break free but the bishop’s grip was surprisingly strong and firm.

Hazel had a big smile on his face. “I can’t do that, not unless I want to get myself killed.” He chuckled then when Sanzo let out a string of curses. “Now, Sanzo-han… if I let go, will you promise to be more civilized? Will you promise not to raise your gun against me and try to kill me for that matter?” he continued in a carefree manner.

“Fuck off!”

Hazel frowned. “Sanzo-han!” he admonished before sighing out loud then. Sanzo growled and struggled once more. The bishop clearly looked annoyed now and Sanzo was sure he would be freed any moment. He cursed Hazel again. “Really, Sanzo-han… you should stop with these curses!” And before Sanzo could retort, he was jerked forward and a moment later, felt something warm and moist against his lips.

It took the blonde a few, seemingly long seconds to register what had happened. When Hazel pulled back, he had that wide smile once again. “… bastard!” he managed to sputter.

Hazel raised an eyebrow. “Ah, again? And here I thought that would quiet you.”

Quiet him? With a kiss? Where on earth did the bishop get such a ridiculous idea from? “Are you stupid or something?” he snarled.

“Now, now… that isn’t nice,” Hazel chided. “I saw the redhead doing it to the healer when the healer kept on talking when I walked past the window. They really should have drawn the blinds. But anyway, it seemed to work fine with them though. Of course, I didn’t stay to watch the rest. I know pretty much what went on.”

Sanzo was officially stumped. He could not believe what Hazel had just said. Seriously, was the silver haired man not a bishop?

“Do you know about Sodom, from the Bible that is? In Sodom, men had intercourse with men, women with women. The Lord told Abraham he was going to destroy Sodom for this wickedness but before the deed was done, two angels were sent down to find at least ten righteous people. If found, Sodom would then be spared. But of course, Sodom was destroyed in the end.”


Hazel sighed. “So… as a bishop, I must be aware of what sodomy is all about. I can’t just preach that sodomy is sinful and whatnot. People may ask about details.” He ended his statement with another big smile, looking totally at ease with the subject.

The blonde wanted to get away from the bishop as soon as possible. This talk was driving him nuts. He inwardly cursed Hakkai and Gojyo for choosing that night to get hot and steamy. And cursed the damn bishop and that towering bodyguard of his too, for choosing to stopover at the same inn. “Let me go, pervert!”

“Me? A pervert?” Hazel echoed, a look of incredulity on his face. But then his features took a strange change, almost impious, warning Sanzo of an impending danger.

“Let me go,” Sanzo hissed, choosing not to be daunted by the bishop.

Blue eyes narrowed dangerously. “Oh, I will let you go…” he drawled, “But first, you have to pay for your insolence towards me!”

“What the — mph!”

Who would have thought the bishop was a dirty little thing, but a skillful one at that? Though his mind was screaming for him to break away, Sanzo found that he could not. He unwittingly responded to the kiss, albeit awkward, but Hazel seemed not to care. And somewhere in his still conscious mind, Sanzo wondered if the bishop had had practice with the bodyguard. Perhaps so, if he was skilled as this.

Sanzo was running out of breath. He wanted to break free now, but the bishop seemed to have stamina surpassing him and was still enthusiastic. Idly, he remembered Hazel’s comment about Hakkai managing to endure the stench of nicotine. Fucking hypocrite! Sanzo tried to turn his head away then and was surprised when Hazel pulled back instead.

“I guess I can understand the healer’s position a bit better now,” the bishop mused, his breathing slightly ragged. “You don’t taste that horrid after all, Sanzo-han.” He smiled, an almost genuine one.

“Bastard! Pervert!” Sanzo hurled those words acidly. He gave his hands a mighty tug and nearly fell backwards when they were freed. Swiftly, he reached for his gun and aimed it at the bishop. “I’ll kill you!”

Surprisingly, Hazel looked calm. “Oh, I doubt so.” He snapped his fingers and Sanzo felt something hard pressed against the back of his head then. The bishop stood up. “Well, I hope I’ve been of a good company to you, Sanzo-han. Your comrades should be done by now.” Another one of those wide smiles. “Come Gato, let’s go back.”

“Right behind you,” came the deep acknowledgement but Sanzo still felt the threat at the back of his head.

Hazel nodded at this and giving the blonde one last smile, turned and walked off. Sanzo could only stare at the bishop’s retreating back till the latter was out of sight. “You were here the whole time?” he asked.

“Yes,” Gato answered simply as stepped forward before the blonde, pocketing his revolver. Sanzo knew his own weapon was useless against the tall man, so he pocketed his as well. They stared at each other for a few moments then before Gato gave a slight bow and turned away.

“Are you fine with it?” Sanzo found himself asking.

Gato stopped, his posture rigid. Seconds passed but no verbal answer was given. Sanzo stood up and made his way slowly past the unspeaking man. “I’ll kill him the next time he does something like this again. And tell him I do not appreciate his company.”

The moon was but a pale sliver of light. But Sanzo nevertheless made it back to the inn; the small garden was only a short distance away anyway. He drew out his cigarette box and lighter, and proceeded to light a stick. But he could not bring himself to trap it between his lips, not when the taste of the bishop still lingered strongly in his mouth. Cursing, he snuffed the lit end on the box’s lid and slid it back in. A lucky thing that cigarettes are recyclable as such.

When he got back to the room, Hakkai was already on his bed, looking almost dreamily out of the window. The brunette had most probably carried the sleeping Goku back to Gojyo’s room. Upon hearing his entry, Hakkai turned to look, a small smile on his lips. “Sanzo,” he acknowledged. “I hope we didn’t trouble you much.”

The blonde narrowed his eyes, involuntarily recalling the incident minutes ago. But he said nothing, merely heading to his bed. He was aware of his roommate’s curious glance; after all, Hakkai was more intuitive of him than anyone else. Before slipping under the covers, he called out to the brunette.


“The next time round you’re getting supplies, buy me some earplugs too.”

--- owari ---

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