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Between the Shadows by Elvaron
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Between the shadows

Pale as moonlight.

In the corridor was a figure silheuetted against the rising moon. In the silvery glow, he could just make out the delicate hands folded upon the railings, the downward slant of thin shoulders, the falling folds of robes that would be navy blue and hemmed in white in the sunlight.

The faint breeze caught a forelock of hair and brushed it backwards; silver strands caught the moonlight and weaved a dancing web of light and shadow. But the shadow that fell behind him was a single one, not enfolded in the greater dark of another looming presence.

"Are you having problems sleeping? Hazel-san."

The figure started, and sapphire blue eyes slid from their contemplation of the moon to regard him.

"Good evening," Hazel returned.

He moved forward to lean against the railing as well. The bishop's shoulders tensed noticably as he approached.

"Cho Hakkai." He offered a name freely, knowing full well that it had not been asked for, suspecting it was undesired.

It is easier to kill a monster without a name or a face, after all.

"Yoroshiku-san dosu." [1]

"Gato-san isn't accompanying you? How unusual."

Gloved fingers tightened fractionally upon the rail, almost unnoticable save for one who was looking out for it.

"There are times when one wishes to be alone," came the quiet reply.

"True." He smiled out at the world from their vantage on the top storey of the inn. The town below, the moon above; nothing but pale moonlight in between. "The moon is beautiful tonight."

"It is." Here in this place of darkness and non-light, there was a quiet stillness about Hazel, away from the brightness of the morning.

"Sanzo is like the Day, isn't he?" Hakkai said.

"I beg your pardon?"

There was no mistaking the sudden flash in blue eyes at the mention of that name. "Goku calls Sanzo the sun. Brilliant and blazing. Easy to see, impossible to reach. Warm and harsh." He risked at glance at the other, who was staring at him with narrowed eyes. "He wears his scorn and suspicion clear upon his sleeve." Unlike... us.

"Is that so? You know him well, it seems."

"As well as anyone who walks the paths of day."

Hazel's eyes narrowed further.

Ah, suspicion. It takes like to know like, doesn't it? Hakkai straightened. "And like the sun, Sanzo burns any who presume to step too close." He cast a smile at the other.

"--Do you also have trouble sleeping tonight, Cho-han?" It was not a question.

"A legacy of the last town we stayed at, I'm afraid. Being attacked by a murderous innkeeper makes one rather... wary."

"You are a rather different person, away from the light of day," Hazel observed coolly.

Hakkai chuckled. "Daylight burns away some shadows that are only cast by the moon. It doesn't mean that the object which casts those shadows is not there." He paused. "And if the light of the sun were to be put out, that would be a loss to us all, would it not?"

Hazel brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes. "I'm afraid I don't understand you."

"You understand me perfectly well." The smile upon Hakkai's face was gone, abruptly. He took a single, deliberate step forward, and Hazel stiffened. "Your element is moonlight, Hazel-san. Sunlight doesn't suit you at all."

The breeze died, and his words seemed to echo loudly in the silence.

"There is no day without the night." Hazel returned a thin smile of his own. "A fact which I believe you appreciate very well indeed. For it is the case, is it not, that two opposites may sometimes complement rather than conflict?"

So. He does see. "Certainly. And, of course, the converse is also true."

"I will bear that in mind."

"If I may a poise a suggestion to you?"


"The sun shines impartially down on all living beings. Animal, human... or youkai." He inclined his head. "Well then. I won't impose further on your time. It's been a pleasure to speak with you."

"The honor is entirely mine," Hazel replied, and although the words were polite, the air hung heavy with irony. "Good night."

"Good night, Hazel-san." With a parting smile, he turned and made his way back down the corridor. Behind him, his shadow danced upon the wall.


[1] Yoroshiku : Roughly translates into 'Pleased to meet you' and 'At your service'. Typically: Yoroshiku gozaimasu, and therefore, using general principles, possibly transmutable to 'Yoroshiku-san' in Kyoto-ben.


Hakkai - 1, Hazel - 0

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