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Denial by Narsus
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Disclaimer: Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura and associates.

Not really spoiler-ish, though with a nod to Hakkai’s back-story.


The inn is cold but the bed is warm. Hakkai pulls the blankets tightly around them.

And when his companion shivers and he slides an arm round that slim waist it’s because it’s only common sense to share body heat.

When he nuzzles into soft hair, he’s only trying to settle comfortably in the small bed.

When all he can hear is soft breathing and suddenly words catch in his throat, he must have forgotten who he was for a moment.

And when his companion sighs a sound that just might be a name, he doesn’t listen too closely. Just in case...
That name isn’t his.


This would have been impossible without the gratuitous deployment of plot device; basically Hakkai, in bed, with someone else for no apparent reason. He could be with just about anyone but I know who I'm picturing the other person to be...

13:58, 26/09/04

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