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Reload the Bullet by Ashtari
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Just a quick Author’s note before I get started. This story is a collaboration with a friend by the name of Jade Niccals.


“Go! Get out of here you stupid monk!” The red hair man kicked the blond away. Quickly he grunted trying to keep the other from being squashed. “Get out of here now!” His voice was urgent and strained.

“But…” a golden eyed boy started.


“Lets go…” a brunette took hold of his two friend’s shoulders and pulled them away. “He can take care of himself.” Everyone said silent good-byes as the three parted from their friend.

They had gotten several yards down the tunnel when they heard a cry come from where they left their friend. It was soon followed by the sound of the room collapsing upon itself.

The golden eyed boy stopped and tried to go back. “NO!!”

“No don’t!” The brunette cried out, grabbing the boy.

“But… He…” the boy looked to the older man. “We can’t just leave him!”

“All we can do now is live the life he gave his own for…” The monk said softly almost in disbelief as they suffered their first loss.

The brunette's smile faltered for a moment as it sunk in that his oldest and dearest friend was dead, crushed to death so they could escape from the castle. He grabbed the younger boy's arm, "He would be angry if we didn't live."

The green-eyed demon proceeded down the hallway, heretic in tow, and the monk following behind. They ran desperately, the brunette kept a hand on the boy, hauling him along as the golden-eyed boy's shorter legs began disadvantaging him. Suddenly a figure separated it self from the shadows, a figure wielding a sawed-off shotgun and what looked like a stuffed child's toy. He aimed at the monk. The tallest member of the now trio, shoved the smaller out of the way as he raced against the finger pulling the trigger. He never even felt the shot rip through his chest, the force threw him back into the blond man's arms. The golden-eyed boy summoned a staff and killed the attacker easily. The brunette looked up into the monk's purple eyes and gave him a smile. The brunette attempted to apologize but only blood exited his lips.

"Don't talk." The monk said quietly, he wanted to beg the demon not to die but he couldn't get the words out. He held the suffering man until the light left the once brilliant green eyes, ignoring the falling pieces of masonry. The monk brought his hand up and closed the eyes of his dear friend. He looked up and met the eyes of the heretic child. They were all they had left. The blond rose to his feet, the front of his robes soaked in the blood of his friend. He began walking, the young one silently followed. He looked down at the killer and the stuff animal he held. Something sticking out of the animal caught his eye. He picked up the animal and began walking. The two ran down the hallway, Monk in the lead, hoping to find an exit soon. The whole place shook violently. The golden eyed boy cried out in surprise as the floor gave way beneath him. Quickly the monk drew his gun and turned expecting to find something following them. Only he didn’t find anything behind him, not even the stupid monkey.


He hit the floor and peered over the edge of the hole that formed several feet behind him. Two frightened golden eyes looked up at him, clinging to a piece of support that was built into the floor. The monk reached down to his last friend. Desperately the boy tried to reach for the blonde’s hand.

“Damn it reach!” Thrusting his other arm down to reach, he watched as his gun plummeted into the darkness below. Stretching and straining he reached for the monkey, and the monkey reached for him. Finally they managed to get a hold of each other. All was well until the unthinkable happened, a bit of the floor gave way below the monk. The change was enough to jar the companions apart. The monk brought his arms up to keep himself from falling in. Tears formed in his eyes as he saw the golden ones fade into the darkness below.


"No!" A young woman with short blond hair and deep amethyst eyes sat up screaming. The dream was still fresh in her mind yet again, her heart racing. She took several deep breaths before finally dropping her head back down onto the pillow which was soaked in sweat. This wasn't the first time she had the dream, and felt it would not be the last either.

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