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Can't Do Without by lawless
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Author's Notes:

Written for LiveJournal's Saiyuki drabble community 100_roadtrips' challenge #216, can't do without. While this was written as genfic, it's certainly possible to see it as slash. Not beta reviewed; all mistakes are mine.

Can't Do Without 


Toothbrush and toothpaste. A bar of soap, for when they camp out.


A razor, in case he needs it. Gojyo tells him he doesn’t.


A brush, though it’s difficult to drag through his troublesome mass of hair, and his limiter gets in the way.


Snack bars he’s managed to cadge along the way, stored away for a rainy day.


Clean underwear, sleep clothes, and a spare pair of pants and a shirt.


All go into his travel bag.


From outside, he hears a familiar growl. “Come on, monkey, let’s go!”


It’s a reminder of something else he can’t do without.

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