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Pest Control by lawless
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Author's Notes:
Originally written for LiveJournal's 100_roadtrips Saiyuki drabble challenge community. Challenge #8, cheap motels.

Pest Control 


“Ugh!” Goku said as he whacked at one of the intruders with his boot. 

Hakkai danced around, trying to kill as many as he could.    

Sanzo thought about shooting the pesky invaders, but they were too tiny and he didn’t want more charges for damages showing up on the gold card.   

Gojyo joined in the killing spree, laughing and tossing back his hair, and said, “They say cockroaches are indestructible.” 

“It figures that you’d know that,” Sanzo sneered, and swore to himself that - fuck the budget - this would be the last time they stayed in a cheap motel.  


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