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Luck Has Nothing to Do With It by lawless
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Author's Notes:
Double drabble written for LiveJournal's 100_roadtrips Saiyuki drabble writing challenge community. Prompt: better luck next time.  

Luck Has Nothing to Do With It

It was just another day in the life of the Sanzo party.  Another town, another pointless fight with Kougaiji and his crew.  Hakkai hurled glowing globes of chi which Yaone deflected while unleashing noxious fumes.  Gojyo and Doku slashed at each other in close combat.   

Lirin leapt from one spot to another until she landed on Sanzo’s shoulders, earning a glower that would have withered someone less accustomed to being ignored.  Tossing meat buns to distract her no longer worked; he had to resort to tossing tubes of lipstick instead.  It was fortunate that Hakkai had noticed her newfound interest in her appearance. 

As usual, Goku and Kougaiji were in the center of the action.  Everyone else battled to a draw, the participants merely staving each other off.  Goku no longer kicked the youkai prince’s butt the way he used to but he had the upper hand until Kougaiji, sensing that the rest of his group was tiring, gathered them on the nearest rooftop yet again, where they eventually vanished from sight. 

Goku yelled after them cheerfully, “Better luck next time!”  Sanzo hit him with the fan and said, “Tch, idiot monkey, what part of being enemies don’t you get?” 


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