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Off the Beaten Path by lawless
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Author's Notes:
100-word drabble written for LiveJournal's 100_roadtrips Saiyuki drabble challenge community. Challenge #199, out of the way.

Off the Beaten Path

“Where are we going?” Goku asked.


“I don’t remember this route from the map,” Gojyo added.


“Taking us the long way around?” Sanzo asked skeptically.


Hakkai smiled, eyes twinkling. “It’s a matter of local knowledge,” he said. His response to all other questions was “It’s a surprise.”


“’Surprise’ is a four-letter word,” Sanzo grumbled, but he didn’t insist that Hakkai change course either.


They rounded a sharp curve and saw all of India spread out below them. “Isn’t it beautiful?” Hakkai whispered. “Take a moment to appreciate it before the coming war chews up and destroys everything that you see.”


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