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An Inconvenient Truth by lawless
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Author's Notes:
100-word drabble written for LiveJournal's 100_roadtrips Saiyuki drabble challenge community. Challenge #196, laid bare.

An Inconvenient Truth 


“You disgusting kappa, you drink far too much, fall asleep in your intoxicating beverage of choice, and make me pay for it,” Sanzo snarled.


Gojyo looked up at him bleary-eyed from the spot on the floor where he’d fallen and sneered. “You should look at the receipts more closely, priesty. For every drink I’ve ordered, there’s a drink of yours. And you can’t hold your liquor neither.”


Sanzo glared at his inconsistencies being laid bare for all to see.


“Fine, fine,” Hakkai said placatingly. “Neither of you hold your liquor that well.”


“Can I order more food?” Goku piped up.



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