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Personal Hero by lawless
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Author's Notes:
Written for LiveJournal's Saiyuki drabble community 100_roadtrips' challenge #187, Pin-Up. Spoilers for Reload 10. 


Personal Hero


Now that he was gone, Goku wished he had a photograph of Gat. He wanted a visual reminder to train himself and grow strong.


Hakkai was amused, and Gojyo astonished, to find Goku one night after dinner sketching and coloring a drawing of a large man with prominent muscles.  Hakkai was the first to realize it was a drawing of Gat.


Leaving the room, Gojyo said, “I thought that the only person whose picture Goku would want to draw was Sanzo.  I mean, he worships that prick.”


Hakkai replied, “Sanzo may be his sun, but Gat is his personal hero.”

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