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Crooked Road: Saiyuki Drabbles by a_mael
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Author's Notes:
These drabbles range all over the place, from gen to yaoi, from angst to humour.  Rated for current content, but may change in the future.  Many different pairings.

    Every night it was the same.  Gojyo and Hakkai would go to bed, Gojyo flopping on his stomach with the pillow in a stranglehold beneath his head, while Hakkai laid on his back, ramrod straight with hands folded over his abdomen.  It made Gojyo nervous, somehow.  It wasn't right for a person to sleep like that, not natural.  

    So, he would lay still and wait.  From watching the clock night after night, he figured out that it took anywhere from fifteen to fifty minutes for Hakkai to fall asleep.  Though his breathing deepened much sooner, and his posture relaxed, Gojyo knew that Hakkai wasn't truly asleep until it happened.

    Eventually, Hakkai would move, stretching hugely across the bed and rolling over to fling one arm over Gojyo's back, sending the signal that Gojyo could sleep, too.


    Being linked to another person wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  When Goku was hungry, Sanzo got agitated.  When Sanzo was ill, Goku became restless and slightly irritable.  If one was in trouble, the other became a tightly controlled basket case until the danger had passed.  In truth is was disruptive and annoying, if somewhat useful.  

    All of these things were evident, though no one ever really spoke of them.  It was simply something that everyone accepted as fact about the monk and the monkey, no matter how it might affect the group.  It was a private source of amusement for Gojyo and Hakkai, as they watched the obvious attraction growing between the two.  It was often quite funny.

    But when the rain came, it wasn't funny or sweet or even frustrating.  It was nothing less than heartbreaking to watch Sanzo and Goku, each mirroring the other's pain to fathomless depths under the grey light of an overcast sky.


    None of them could be quite certain anymore, how or when it had begun between them, but it no longer mattered.  They were afloat together in a dangerous sea, and the sharks were circling.  There had never been any discussion, and no question existed of each person's place within the whole.  It was a pure and equal thing, born of love and need and mutual desire.  Though the future might hold difficulty, getting to that future was uncertain at best.

    So, Yaone and Dokugakuji would leave the lonely recesses of their own quarters in the night, meeting at the door to the prince's chambers.  Kougaiji welcomed them with open arms, his heart filled with gratitude that he should be lucky enough to have them both.  This was the one thing in which they could all truly believe, and they clung to it.

    Perhaps, in their world of shadows, pain and betrayal, they could somehow manage to save each other.


    Tenpou and Kenren had tried to be discreet, though that wasn't something that came naturally to either of them.  Thus, it wasn't long before the whole of Tenkai was well aware of the illicit affair raging between the Marshal and the General.  It was the point of gossip for many weeks, graduating to the butt of jokes for many months, before finally settling into one of those things that 'everyone knows'.  

    Still, the two refused to admit to anything, never engaged in anything untoward in public, and generally pretended that they had no idea that people knew about them.  It was a good arrangement, to their minds.  This way they could bang each other senseless, and eventually it would be all but forgotten.  They didn't even discuss it with each other, just naturally falling into an unspoken agreement regarding their affair.

    This turned out to be a far better thing than either of them could have guessed, as revelations from either of the occasional dream or stray thought of gold bands on third fingers would have sent them both running for the hills.


    "It's a very strange word," Ukoku mused, tangling his fingers into long blond hair.

    "Mm," Koumyou agreed, dipping his head to take a peaked nipple into his mouth.

    Ukoku hissed at the gentle pull on his flesh.  "Very...clinical."

    Koumyou released Ukoku, looking up at him with an enigmatic smile.  "Would you prefer making love?" he teased.

    "Hmm, let's see..." Ukoku considered, using long fingers to tilt Koumyou's face up for a languorous kiss, "No, I think that term quite misses the point."

    "Oh?  What is the point then?  Recreation, perhaps?"

    "Recreation?  I think not."

    "Well, my dear Ukoku, you have me stumped," Koumyou replied with a sigh.

    "You're being coy," Ukoku murmured, moaning his appreciation as Koumyou caught his lips again.  

    "Ah, would you like me to be vulgar, then?" he breathed against Ukoku's lips.

    "Yes, please," Ukoku whispered back, his stomach tightening pleasantly at the thought.

    "All right, then," Koumyou said, sliding down Ukoku's body with a slightly wolfish grin.

    "Damn you, Koumyou," Ukoku groaned as his lover's mouth enveloped his sex, "You know that's not what I meant."

    "Mm-hmm," Koumyou hummed, chuckling a tiny bit as Ukoku lost his breath.

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