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Strength in Weakness by lawless
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Author's Notes:
Even though Minekura’s Kanzeon is a hermaphrodite, it was easier to use female-gendered pronouns than to try to attempt some happy medium. 

Kanzeon Bosatsu arrived in a blinding flash of light and swept toward the ragtag band led by the human incarnation of her nephew. They needed a deus ex machina to pull them out of trouble.  Again. 


They were supposed to be a heavenly version of reality television, her entertainment, not a bunch of bumbling idiots she had to keep rescuing.  Maybe it was a mistake to pair weak with strong.  Was the strong ones’ concern for the weaker team members hindering them? 


Once again, it was her all-too-human nephew who was the weakest link, despite his leadership skills.  She sighed as she knelt to heal wounds too grievous for Hakkai’s chi to tackle. 


She’d thought the biggest problem would be for them to get along well enough not to kill each other.  Maybe their human affections and emotions, the desire to protect other members of the team, were getting in the way.  They needed to be more ruthless.  Maybe they were too good for this mission. 


Task over with, she swept away, Jiroshin holding a parasol to protect her from the sun, her retinue trailing behind her, and ascended to heaven.  The boys had better not let her down again. 

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