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Running Away by lawless
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Author's Notes:
Written for LiveJournal's 100_roadtrip's 100-word drabble challenge.  Prompt: runaway. 

“Come back here!”  Sanzo shouted. 


Sanzo’s irascibility didn’t normally bother Goku.  So why was he so upset when Sanzo called him “a goddamn fucking idiot” and pushed him away after he’d spilled hot tea on Sanzo’s best robe? 


Sanzo chased after the boy while trying to dab at the dull brown stain on his robe.  “Damn it, come here,” he growled when he caught up with him.  He put his arms around the boy to prevent him from getting away again.  No one should mistake it for a hug.  Nor should anyone mistake the gleam in his eye for affection. 

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