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Tell Me by a_mael
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Author's Notes:
Another 393 not-quite-a-drabble.

It had been more than an hour since they had awoken and Goku was still quiet, appearing for all the world to be sulking for some unknown reason. Sanzo ground his teeth in frustration. He should be glad for the peace of it, but silent, sulky Goku was (somehow) even more annoying than loud, brash Goku.

Damn it.

Sanzo lowered his paper, exchanging it for his cigarette pack. He pulled one out with his teeth and shifted his hips forward, slumping slightly in his chair as he lit it. With a weary gesture, he pulled his glasses off and tossed them on the table. The clatter was loud in the quiet of the room. One long drag off his smoke, and then Sanzo spoke on the exhale.

“Okay, what the fuck is your problem?”

Goku shot Sanzo a glance and then swung his gaze back to the bedcover he was sitting on. He didn’t answer.

“Monkey, if you don’t answer me, I swear I am going to fucking shoot you.”

Not even deigning to look at him again, Goku replied, “No, you won’t,” in a monotone.

Sanzo heaved a sigh. What a pain in the ass. After a moment, Goku spoke again.

“You know, anyway,” he said his voice low.


“You’re still pissed about that?”

Goku’s look this time was equal parts incredulity and pain.

“Yeah, Sanzo. I don’t get why you won’t just tell me.”

“You know already. Why the fuck should I tell you something that you already know?”

Goku shook his head sadly, his soft brown hair glinting a little in the sunlight pouring through the window.

“Sometimes, Sanzo, it’s important to say things. Even if the whole world knows. Just because I know already doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t hear it from you. If you don’t say it, then it might as well be a secret; I might as well be clueless.”

There was real hurt in Goku’s eyes, in his voice. Sanzo pulled the last drag from his smoke and stubbed the butt out in the ashtray. He fucking hated this kind of shit. It was just stupid. Unfortunately, seeing Goku like this agitated him in ways that he chose not to examine.

Fine…” Sanzo mumbled as he stood. He strode across the short distance to the bed and leaned over it, propping himself on his hand. His eyes bore into Goku’s large brown ones. Pressing closer, Sanzo captured soft lips with his own in a kiss that was even more tender than he had intended. He released Goku’s mouth and moved to the side, to whisper something in his ear.

Goku’s face softened, brightened. He threw his arms around Sanzo’s neck, burying his face in black silk as he whispered back,

“Thank you.”

“’Ch. You ever pull this shit again, I really will shoot you.”

“Yes, Sanzo”

Sanzo didn’t quite smile.

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