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Face by Bhex
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You know it's the pretty face. There's no other motivation.

You live in a superficial world, you're a superficial guy. You don't take things as more than what they are and you're proud of it.

Some guys, they make a big deal of where the pretty face comes from, and who owns it, like there's something beneath the pretty face that speaks more of quality, and thus requires measuring. Like the mind or the heart beneath the pretty face is such a big deal.

Well, you don't. You know it doesn't matter if it were a girl or a guy. As long as you wake up to find that pretty face turned toward you, smiling free of care. "Good morning. Have breakfast first."

And you don't care if you never get to touch it. Or never get to press your lips against it. It just has to be there.

The girls in town notice. They'd be the first, of course. You're growing your hair out again, you're losing your belly, you're actually eating worth your weight and consciously working out. They don't think they've ever seen you this eager to look awesome.

And hell. You don't know what you're doing it for, either. Certainly not to impress the pretty face you live with. You know since he's a guy, he can't like you any more than he already does...or can he?

But it doesn't matter. Why should it?

Yes it's amazing how it never gets awkward, but that's never for you to think about. Yes it somehow hurts when you try to imagine life without him again, going back to that emptiness, and losing him to something you never foresaw. You don't know why it bothers you, so you just push it out of your mind.

You know you'll never lose him that way. You've both led strange lives but you're together and it's all right now.

If there's ever been anything about him that made you stronger, you know it's just the pretty face. Something that's there and you don't have to think about.

And you really need just one pretty face. His.

But you'll never let that into your head.

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