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Snowbound by Anem
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Author's Notes:
Very short and very silly.

When the snow got too deep to drive through, they walked.  When it got too dark to walk, they camped.  Sort of.  There was no wood for a fire, no cover or real protection from the cold.  Instead they huddled together, back to back in case of an unlikely attack, drawing their cloaks tightly around themselves in a doomed attempt to sleep. 


Hakkai hunched between Sanzo and Gojyo, letting his eyes drift closed while trying to keep his mind alert for any footfalls in the deepening snow.  It seemed improbable that there were youkai way up a mountain in that weather, but their luck had never been good, and days without any fighting were virtually unknown.  He envied Hakuryuu as the small dragon cooed softly in his ear, settling down with his head directly over Hakkai's heart.  


Hakkai had just begun to doze off when he felt something lightly brushing over his leg.  As he tensed his hands to react, he sensed Gojyo shifting beside him, pressing more tightly along his side and making him smile at his own jumpiness. 


The second time there was no mistaking it.  Gojyo's hand had moved inside Hakkai's cloak and was slowly sliding past his knee to his thigh, stopping to trace lean muscle through his pants.  Hakkai turned his head to look over at his friend, but Gojyo's head was buried deep inside the cloak's hood, making it impossible to read his eyes. 


Trying not to jostle either Hakuryuu or especially Sanzo, Hakkai elbowed him hard in the side, satisfied when Gojyo gasped out an audible "Oomph!" and rapidly withdrew his hand.


"Are you insane?" Hakkai hissed at him from the corner of his mouth. 


He was rewarded with one of Gojyo's patented lazy grins.  "Maybe," he admitted.  "But mostly I'm just cold.  I thought maybe we could warm each other up."


Hakkai rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms around his chest for extra heat.  He shivered quietly for a few moments before turning toward Gojyo with a wide smile.  "There might be something to that plan of yours."


"Of course there is," Gojyo agreed, his fingers returning to stroke Hakkai's inner thigh.  "It's the best plan I've ever come up with.  And we both get to benefit from it.  You're just lucky we're such good friends."


"Friends, hmm?"  Hakkai parted his legs slightly to give Gojyo more room.  The nice, warm hand began to rub with tantalizing slowness against his crotch.  Hakkai felt all of him begin to wake up in earnest. "I just hope that –"


From his other side came a distinct sound of a gun being cocked.  Sanzo's harsh tone was so low they both had to strain to hear it.  "If you two don't shut up and go to sleep right now…"


Gojyo's hand disappeared rather suddenly, leaving a gap that cold air immediately rushed to fill.  Hakkai wrapped his cloak more tightly around himself and sighed, wondering how else he could entertain himself during the long, frigid night ahead. 

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