Someday by lawless


In the cave, Goku waits ...

Rating: G
Categories: Saiyuki
Characters: Son Goku
Genres: Angst, General
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Published: 04/29/11
Updated: 05/02/11

Someday by lawless
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Author's Notes:

"I still hope and I pray / For something, someday."

He looked at the bars hemming him in. The frozen snow. The glare that bounced off the snow, but never reached the depths of the cave.

A bird ventured inside his stone prison; it kept him company and made beautiful sounds. He could feel its tiny heart flutter when he cupped it in his hands.


The bird was his only friend, but he couldn’t even keep it alive.


He could tell that there’d been someone who’d been important to him in the past, maybe even more than one. A family. Friends. Just thinking about it made his throat hurt and his eyes water.


He longed to be somewhere warm, out of that cave. He longed for someone to be important to him again.



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