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Reviews For Coda
Reviewer: Anonymous Date: 04/16/07 - 02:49AM Title: Coda

I really love how you write Goyjo. You use sex to show his issues, and I like how he has the bit of self-awareness and you also show that he legitimately *likes* women. Also, I love how he doesn’t wake her up because she cried, but can just enjoy the warmth of another body in the bed.

Reviewer: Sorchafyre Signed Date: 05/11/05 - 06:03PM Title: Coda

I liked this piece very much. It was fairly unique, and very much in character for Gojyo. The writing was clean and flowing, drawing the reader in but never veering into cliche or melodrama. The 'paying for the room bit' was a nice touch, as was the 'noticing the curve of her hip' part.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! :D This was possibly the last of my fics I'd thought I'd get a comment on. It's the first Saiyuki bit I ever wrote and I'm happy to hear it works.

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