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Reviewer: ju Anonymous Date: 04/30/07 - 03:23PM Title: Perfection

this great this is as fair as i have got but it is the best

Reviewer: Windy Anonymous Date: 02/06/07 - 11:09PM Title: End of the Road

This is beautiful! Stunning in it's imagry and amazing in it's plot. You've made Sanzo and Goku out in a way that's believeable, even while morbid and terrifying. It's so honest-to-god well done that I'm speechless. Trully I can't explain my love for this. I'm saddened to see you only have five reviews for this, because this piece deserves much, much more.

The ending is stunning and shocking and heartbreaking, but in a way it fits. Very beautiful. Sadly I'm at a loss for words and do not know what else I can say.

I aplaud you. You're an amazing and talents author. Kudos.

Reviewer: Amy Anonymous Date: 10/24/06 - 11:09AM Title: End of the Road

Omg... This has got to be one the best stories i've ever read. It's amazing. You probably get that a lot.. But woooah ^__^ 

I loved it so much.

Thanks xxxx 

Reviewer: June Anonymous Date: 09/27/06 - 04:06PM Title: End of the Road

My god, that was the most incredible, sad, sickening and wondrous thing I have ever bothered to read. This… this... Author makes the story a new adventure, but different… to take the characters and push them to the edge of sanity then to bring them to the brink of death and pain. The angst, the suffering, how can someone grasp the shadows of the human mind so well without suffering insanity themselves? The torment and love brings sadness and emotion to the strongest heart and the ending, the ceasefire of the  angst and suffering is one that sticks with you, one that you think about when you see a human in the deepest depths of despair.  I experienced nothing more than bittersweet empathy and the brink of tears. Please, please, if you have not already, read this, just so insanity does not seem so unthinkable. And to the author, I thank you and lavish praise upon the careful weaving of this incredible saga. I just hope that you will continue to write .

Reviewer: Ella Crain Anonymous Date: 07/13/06 - 07:45PM Title: End of the Road

I agree with the other reviews. You knowldege of psychological auction, and thought, and the way it was expressed in to words is what drew my attention to sit infrom of my computer for hours want to see what happened next. I was stricken with grief at the end, and yet knew that the ending couldnt end happy. The vision of a dreanged monk and small companion falling in to an insane mental state were personified in a way i would have imagined it. This story burns a new light into the relation ship of the 4 travelers.

Reviewer: alee gothphyle Signed Date: 01/14/06 - 03:43PM Title: End of the Road

Wow. I have refrained from commenting until now, because I have been refraining from reading until I could devour this in one, fell swoop. I knew after the first few chapters that this was going to be an unconventional read in all the best ways, and you delivered so much more than I could have expected! The final chapters, the building sense of dread and yet the knowledge that beneath all that was so very wrong was an inevitable, tragic sense of *rightness*, is something to be commended -- your grasp of psychological nuance is very compelling. This hurt to read in all the right ways, and I say that as the highest form of flattery!

Reviewer: calbee Anonymous Date: 11/04/05 - 10:50AM Title: Rebirth

Oh wow, truly addictive fic you have here! I enjoyed your writing very much. Will be looking forward to reading more your works.

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