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Reviews For When It Rains
Reviewer: River Rain Anonymous Date: 07/24/05 - 11:57PM Title: When It Rains

Utterly Beautiful. Well well done!

Reviewer: itainohime Signed Date: 07/22/05 - 11:14AM Title: When It Rains

I really do like this. Your descriptions are top-notch, and your handling of the 585 pairing is unique. ^_^ If I may gently critique, I'd say that you might edit it for comma usage. There are many places in here where the placing of a comma would be appropriate, for ease of reading as well as for grammar's sake. For instance, the sentence "When it raints Gojyo .... " is, at first blush, stating that it rains Gojyo. ^^;

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 07/22/05 - 05:11AM Title: When It Rains

haha! me again, and re-reading it...and still loving it... just love the idea of the point and counterpoint with the past and present...very poetic!

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