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Reviewer: Meicdon13 Signed Date: 10/19/09 - 07:28AM Title: A story about robots

This was ... I'm not quite sure what to call this. I DEFINITELY loved this though and I'm pretty sure that I'll be reading and re-reading this multiple times. Hope that you'll decide to continue this!

Reviewer: scalene Anonymous Date: 07/18/07 - 04:43PM Title: A story about robots

This is really amazing, really creative. I've read this fic several times over the past few months, and I've been like--whoa!--every single time. *g*

Reviewer: delonariel Anonymous Date: 01/31/07 - 11:00AM Title: A story about robots

I love this story. It has such potential. And who ever would have thought a bunch of rotots could be so interesting? ^^


I hope you'll finish it some day 

Reviewer: Chris Anonymous Date: 01/19/07 - 03:09PM Title: A story about robots

this is a very interesting story. if it is possible i would like to see more.....:>

Reviewer: purplelovinchaz Anonymous Date: 09/18/06 - 01:56PM Title: A story about robots

that was the coolest alternate-reality fic for saiyuki that i have ever read! the deatail was amazing, and the concept was superb and so very well thought out! Amazing!

Reviewer: Xeriah Anonymous Date: 05/19/06 - 06:12PM Title: A story about robots

I really do long for an update on this story.  It's good for its own sake, let alone an awesome Saiyuki fic.  This sort of thing makes for original publication... gotta love the Asimov idea.  Oh.  I so long for more.

Reviewer: Ko-koneko Anonymous Date: 01/29/06 - 02:07PM Title: A story about robots

I love it! it took me a bit to figure out what was going on but im slow but its all good! make more! NOW!! please.

Reviewer: lazy bum Anonymous Date: 07/20/05 - 04:36PM Title: A story about robots

Hm. Niice. ^_^ The format makes it kinda hard to read but it's an appealing and ...logical? AU.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 07/17/05 - 11:54PM Title: A story about robots

totally awesome totallly inspired and totally brilliant, and all their names. Genie Two, clever wordplay on Nii's name. and everything fits, so well together.
...although "warm sex with a whiskey chaser" seems slightly out of synch with the rest of the set up and scenario. but that's just me.
i love it all and will be watching and stalking ^_~ for updates. ^__^

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