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Reviews For Masticate
Reviewer: lacerta ( Anonymous Date: 09/01/06 - 10:39AM Title: 1.

Whoa, this was something. I knew Gojyo had a grudge against Goku's canines (not that I blame the guy ;)). Anyway, awesome fic, I loved it!

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 07/11/05 - 11:47AM Title: 1.

A well written view of Goku from one of his team-mates. And its a bonus when I can learn some English too.
^_~ nice. My favourite line/phrase/para
"It's like watching someone beat away at a god, something powerful wrapped up in that tiny body, with a rolled-up newspaper. The monkey, that dumb brat, just stares up at Sanzo like he's the truth of the world. If Goku's like a god then Sanzo must be all of Heaven bundled into one to hold down all that hidden power, and he hopes that isn't true because that'd make him an ant in comparison. "
i love the imagery here. poor gojyo and his complexes!!!

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