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Reviews For Fettle
Reviewer: Lauand Anonymous Date: 02/20/07 - 11:19AM Title: 1.

Beautiful. I've always loved the lind of fics that make a character special, instead of following a clichée.

Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/16/06 - 06:59PM Title: 1.

Very cute ficlet...I don't know if the final sentence flowed as nicely as the rest of it, but it got the point across...very sentimental, that Gojyo!  ^___^

Reviewer: itainohime Signed Date: 07/12/05 - 07:04AM Title: 1.

Another fantastic little drabble from one of my favorite fic authors, ever. *claps* Wish I could say more, but my brain is holding out on me.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 07/11/05 - 11:36AM Title: 1.

" 'Just more things that he takes from others, things that he says makes the world more real.
"You're a fine ripe old mess," you tell him while he takes your heart. He has always seemed real enough to you. ' "
As real as real can get! I love this...i guess i'm beginning to sound like scratched vinyl. - lol zan

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