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Reviews For Drips and Drabs
Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 07/16/05 - 01:47PM Title: Winter birds

and this....i love this. totally perfect.

Author's Response: =) I love -you-! You're my fave reviewer -thanks so much for supporting me all the way. (I always knew that bird had too short a life.)

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 07/16/05 - 01:42PM Title: Bunny

this is inspired! totally!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. That bunny definitely has deeper layers than he has on face value. He's always got -that- smile on his face, and I wondered why he smiled so much like Koumyou did.

Reviewer: ed Anonymous Date: 07/15/05 - 09:41PM Title: Hakuryuu

Too cute! All real sweet.... "Jeep....she's just too young for you..." ...And 2437! Just noticed that on the reread - you naughty girl! Talk about implicit pointers to your obsessions...I bet there's something behind the WFN, though I'm not a-seein' it... ^^ I like these.

Author's Response: *blinks* 2437... 2437... sorry, but I'd like to know what you saw, 'cos I actually wasn't thinking of anything! (and WFN just happens to be my mom's car!) *repeats, walking away* 2437... 2437...

Reviewer: Terra Signed Date: 07/12/05 - 11:06PM Title: Hakuryuu

Aw, Jeep gets no love. She was an uptown girl loved by a rambling man. Ah, car love. Cute, this is actually touched my heart. I don't know why.

Author's Response: Thanks. Maybe it's because it seems Hakuryuu has finally found his 'true' love and then... *plonk*. I wuv angst ^^

Reviewer: zan2lazy2login Anonymous Date: 07/09/05 - 12:07PM Title: Sanzo-han

these are amusing...i liked the "hakuryu" one best. nice little pieces.

Author's Response: *grins* Thanks. I have recently been introduced to livejournal, and subsequently 100_roadtrips, signalling my sudden obssession with drabbles.

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