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Reviews For Phones
Reviewer: doublelynn Anonymous Date: 06/17/05 - 09:41PM Title: Phones

LMAO!! *keeps laughing for 24 hours* :D

Author's Response: *winks* Thanks. I know next to nothing about phones, not having one myself, so I tried to show this through both Goku's 'I-want-as-many-functions-as-you-have', and Gojyo's 'what-the-hell-is-a-PIN-code?'

Reviewer: sasateq Signed Date: 06/08/05 - 11:25PM Title: Phones

Gosh, another new one up! I'm glad you wrote this - highly amusing!! A fun read, even if it's been done before. love.

Author's Response: You -know- I wrote it before the other one, dearie. By the way, where -have- you gone? Wasn't your PLC thingie going to be updated every day? (BUSHWAH!)

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/08/05 - 06:59AM Title: Phones

don't worry this is actually the third phone story i have read....i think i read the first one on the lj pages and the second one must be the same one on ff.but its ok... they're usually quite funny and they have all been different and all funny...yours included... i like it anyway!~_^

Author's Response: Sanks. (Misspelling intended). Phones obviously weren't invented at the time, so this is a little AU, but if they have fans and suchlike, I figured I could add a phone.

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