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Reviews For Becoming
Reviewer: sasateq Signed Date: 06/08/05 - 11:12PM Title: Becoming

Heya! Well, well: It came out well, didn't it!! Nicely done, dark and all. ^^ (Just a bit sad I wasn't told anything! Could have at least emailed me a note you were finally posting it!!) love ya.

Author's Response: To tell you the truth, I totally forgot! Many apologies! I need to update it on proboards too, but I keep forgetting. *wanders off, musing*

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/08/05 - 06:45AM Title: Becoming

ooh very clever...aaah! very nice!- i likes; ~_^

Author's Response: Cheers. I feel Hakkai is very much like Macbeth - not in the crazy meglomaniac way, but causing the deaths of so many to get what he thought was most important to him, and in the end, cost him his sanity. The passage about eyes being plucked just jumped out at me.

Reviewer: akisawana Signed Date: 06/07/05 - 01:36PM Title: Becoming

It's very nice, espcially the way you worked the manga quote in alongside the Macbeth ones.

Author's Response: *grins* Thanks. I think I actually spent more time researching the quotes than writing this! It shows how mad I am when I'm inspired by my exam textbook.

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