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Reviews For Calling Him
Reviewer: Kerrin Anonymous Date: 11/24/07 - 08:42PM Title: Calling Him

This was a really good story.  I really enjoyed it.  Thank you sharing it :)

Reviewer: X Anonymous Date: 02/25/06 - 12:35PM Title: Calling Him

That was wonderful!

Reviewer: CLASSY GOTH Anonymous Date: 05/29/05 - 01:44AM Title: Calling Him

more than just a sex story

Reviewer: libe Anonymous Date: 05/27/05 - 07:58PM Title: Calling Him

I liked how you write that sanzo knows just about everyone's lusting after him (even Kou) ---b/c they should!!! sad, but I 'm glad he picked Goku in the end.

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