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Reviewer: tor85 Signed Date: 04/20/08 - 08:38AM Title: Circling Overhead

One of THE best saiyuki fanfictions ever! Love your Gojyo to bits. Love all your characterizations.

Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/11/06 - 04:28PM Title: Yuanfen

As much as I've enjoyed this fic, I totally have to raz about the fact that you totally cut it off at the good part! For shame!...But seriously, I thought the story was both hilarious and moving (i.e. all the angsty shit) couldn't have written better lines for Sanzo! The fact that he called Gojyo an 'ass zit' and Hakkai a 'shitstain' still leaves me in stitches (partly because the image of him saying that is so vivid)!...Great job on the characterization...just wish there was smut :( ...j/k!

Reviewer: Ashley Anonymous Date: 06/18/06 - 07:18PM Title: Yuanfen

Wow. This arc was really awesome! I loved the way the characters handled the situations they were in. I love your work! Keep up the great job in writing! And I love the ' "Could I get you to put out that cigarette?"'

Reviewer: Ashley Anonymous Date: 06/18/06 - 07:18PM Title: Yuanfen

Wow. This arc was really awesome! I loved the way the characters handled the situations they were in. I love your work! Keep up the great job in writing! (And I love the ' "Could I get you to put out that cigarette?"')

Reviewer: Ashley Anonymous Date: 06/18/06 - 07:17PM Title: Yuanfen

Wow. This arc was really awesome! I loved the way the characters handled the situations they were in. I love your work! Keep up the great job in writing! (And I love the ' "Could I get you to put out that cigarette?"')

Reviewer: calbee Anonymous Date: 11/04/05 - 08:47PM Title: Yuanfen

Read all of this in one sitting. Fantastic story. There are so many things I love about it; the interesting character interaction (god I love Sanzo's witty lines), how the characters are so believable and realistic, the plot, the wonderful ending...this is honestly really good. Thanks for the wonderful read and I'll be looking forward to reading more of your works.

Author's Response: ^#^ Thank you! I'm grateful that you actuallly managed to hack your way through this story entirely. I hope that the rest of my stuff will be up to this one's standard.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 10/22/05 - 10:44AM Title: Yuanfen

A joy to read, and see it through to the end...I read 7 and 8 together, they seemed to go together. Firstly thank you for writing this and sharing it for I really loved it all the way. From the first story arc. And I liked the pace of the final act. A nice closure.
And what can I say...your Sanzo is too priceless. There is evrything to love about him! And using him as a yardstick ^_^ by which they gauge all emotion and situations was well written.
I also love your more mature Goku, all the character interaction, well there really is everything to love about this fic.
I could say more but I don't think I could find the words to accurately pin down the brilliance of this story, so I won't even begin to try.
Once again thank you for sharing - much love as always - zan

Author's Response: Maybe the respond system will stop sucking and let me post my reply. ._. Anyhow, yes. Thank you for following this story through to the end; your reviews have been fantastic encouragement to keep it going.

Reviewer: Dayast Joy Anonymous Date: 07/26/05 - 01:58AM Title: Circling Overhead

I am running out of adjectives to describe how brilliant your work is: the pacing is breathtakingly tight, your writing is so descriptive that it's like watching a really good movie and the characterisations...where do I begin? Like a big blast of chi, so damn good it's blinding at first then just leaves you with a warm, full feeling. The conversations are really just SO cool, Sanzo's warning to Hakkai was priceless, laugh-out-loud funny! And THANK YOU for the cameo by the "harassed hotel staff"! These wonderfully entertaining side characters are quickly becoming your trademark I believe, although your pervy manager from the last story arc still holds the gong of greatness in my heart for best extra. I was wondering, is anyone ever going to get into your hardassed monk? Please keep sharing your work, it's a JOY, real big waves of happy, for your readers, especially this very grateful one ;D

Author's Response: Sanzo's lecture of Hakkai was fun to write. I kept laughing while I was typing it. ^^; I love creating extras/side characters who are characters in their own right, because that's something I love to see in fiction I read and movies I watch. The manager rocked my socks off. He never ceased to make me laugh. ^_^ In this storyline, I believe that Sanzo is going to remain single at the end, and the implied 39/93'ness is going to stay implied. But I'm writing a bunch of Sanzo fics for my next big fic project, so he'll get a hook-up eventually. ^__^

Reviewer: Dayast Joy Anonymous Date: 07/26/05 - 01:46AM Title: Blood and Earth

Your plot is epic and the writing was amazing. Sorry I didn't review every chapter, I was too wrapped up in the story to stop reading. Positively riveting story, better than many published books I've read and certainly better than 99% of the fanfiction out there (and I've read loads!). AWESOME. Your characterisations are extremely powerful, and you write Hakkai extremely well. He has more layers than an onion, as you so eloquently put it, and you tap into and describe his darkness so well. Can't wait for chapter 8...are Gojyo's balls gonna fall off? Is it gonna be a long wait for all of us? Hope not ^_^ I'm going to go back and tell you how much I loved the comic bits, your Sanzo is unbelievably great to read. I'll always be a fan :D

Author's Response: YAY I LOVE YOU! *glomp* I was actually wondering if you were no longer interested in my work, as you were no longer reviewing. ^^; I'm relieved to know that I write Hakkai well. It's very hard to do correctly, and it's almost as much work writing him right as it is to write Sanzo. No, Gojyo's balls are not going to fall off. The reward of all his toils is in sight, I swear. ^^;

Reviewer: IsilmeAlantha Anonymous Date: 06/30/05 - 10:36AM Title: Circling Overhead

Surprising, not one of your best, I felt, at parts. But I enjoyed it. I personally think it got better in the last two chapters or so (toward the end), maybe because things were becoming clear and had more details and description to them. I'm not sure. I'm not really the best at reviewing, but you asked for one. Moving on to read and review more.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/29/05 - 08:20AM Title: Blood and Earth

the hoops you have this man run through for are an expert toturer, and i bow to your greatness.^_^

the first para is a brilliant intro by way of gojyo's perception of 'pulverised' 'night', and his 'focus' to a pinpoint 'laser'.
the second is as brilliant a description of lactic acid formation in muscles as ever i have read. i'm weird i know. but i loved it. so yes the first two paras really grabbed me.
oh yes Red really does have it bad and how...
and again you cleverly insert the snippet of memory of Jien. Almost a trademark with you, I know I look out for it now when i read your gojyo fics. 'cos i love them. there is so much there that is such a wonderful mine for fic writers but is still under utilised.

One can almost feel sad for Amaya- except that she used her daughter to exact revenge. Her thinking too does make you wonder...why aren't his repulsed/horrified/disgusted by what Hakkai did all those years ago....

the other thing i love about this one is that Hakuryu is the undiputed hero ofthe day! Yay!

I think a really good chapter and i don't think it is too long, i love a good meaty chapter i can sink my teeth into. and your Goku/Sanzo relationship is brilliant and your Sanzo is still superb.

I am looking forward to the conclusion of this, of course the down side is there won't be anymore. *sigh* well we can't have everything i suppose. ^_~ - much love.

Author's Response: YAY I DON'T SUCK. >_.;; Sadly, the second paragraph's descriptors were all taken from real-life experience. Occasionally, horrible agony has its uses. Since you are a chemist and know more about these things than I, I'm grateful that I manage to do it in such a way that it didn't break your suspension of disbelief. Hakkai is going to be jumping through some hoops for Gojyo soon. Oh yes. *rubs hands together* And I do think that Gojyo would be a dedicated lover, if only because he'd tenaciously cling to someone. Even if they were being abusive--not that Hakkai is, but his mother was, and he seems more apt to have his abuse re-enacted upon himself than to actually abuse. Need to write more Dokugakuji. Yes. I feel badly for Amaya, but my sympathy ends with where yours did. Killing a child, especially your own, makes you scum in my book. Also, I think I'll address that point she made, since it is one that Hakkai was ruminating on, not just her. He might whine about it later. ^^; After the eight chapter, there will be a lemon. That will be my present, to me, for being able to finish the damn story. Oh yes.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/27/05 - 10:05AM Title: Circling Overhead

i read it and i read it and i read it again...i loved it all and there were so many things i wanted to say but i think i'll just leave it at that and read it a couple more times.

much love as always.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/27/05 - 10:05AM Title: Circling Overhead

i read it and i read it and i read it again...i loved it all and there were so many things i wanted to say but i think i'll just leave it at that and read it a couple more times.

much love as always.

Author's Response: ^^;; I feel really insecure about this chapter, so if you want to ramble about it then feel free. It will encourage me to keep writing. I was freaking out over the lack of reviews here and thinking that everyone hated it, actually. ^^; I am really glad you liked it, though.

Reviewer: Lilith Anonymous Date: 06/14/05 - 05:30PM Title: Sinners and Saviors

^^ Brilliant, of course, I just have one question- Did you mean to say that no one knew about Gonou and Kanan being lovers? Cos in book 5 of the manga, during the flashback story, there's a scene of Hakkai drinking tea with Gojyo and he says he lost someone close to him "A lover...she was also my sister." And Gojyo just grins and says "Well I guess some people are into that" I just remembered that cos book 5 is my favorite :D And because I have no significant criticism other than petty semantic/historic details. You know I love what you write.

Author's Response: Aa, but in the anime, Hakkai responds with "She was more than a lover--in many ways, she was like a sister". They couldn't show incest on Japanese TV, so Kanan being Gonou's sister (as well as Jien banging his mother) were snipped from the anime. Unlike with Jien, though, the implication is still there--Kanan looks a lot like Gonou in the anime, she wears the cross of the Virgin worshippers who ran the orphanage that Gonou grew up in. Little, subtle things like that. So this story, which has mostly been written for anime continuity, functions under the assumtion that in the anime, Kanan and Gonou were siblings--but that Gonou simply didn't tell anyone about it. This really is key for the whole thing to work, so if you think that's bullshit, you may call me on it. ^^; I think I'll edit this chapter to have a Note at the end explaining this; I don't think I made it clear enough in the storyline... anywho, thanks for reviewing! I was hoping you'd like this. :D

Reviewer: Sanada Anonymous Date: 06/11/05 - 11:11AM Title: Sinners and Saviors

So this is where it all starts to make a more sense and the bigger picture gets painted. I hadn’t forgotten the original Beyond All Limits, but I hadn’t even thought of a connection other than just the Sanzo-ikkou’s continuing saga. Very clever. I had to apologize to Hakkai for calling him a jerk a few reviews ago. You gave an explanation for him doing what he did “This was the side of himself that he never let anyone see--“ and that made the whole being a jerk, not so jerk-ish, but so logically Hakkai. The first few paragraphs describing the rebirth of what Hakkai “mentally referred to as Gonou” were very good. Using the title Cho HakkaiGonou painted a beautiful picture of a very deadly adversary. The irony came when you told the story of Ayama. Her tale mirrored Gonou’s own. She had lost her one true love and had let the hatred fester until all she could do was revenge the death no matter the cost. Unlike the months it had taken Gonou and the thousands of lives he had claimed, she had taken years, but had only one target. Sadly in her sickened mind she had exploited and sacrificed the child that her husband had fought to save. Like usual, your portrayal of Sanzo was perfect. His anger at Gojyo and frustration in his own human frailties was right on the mark. While I loved the dark turmoil this chapter possessed, my favorite part was Goku - "You just let me know whenever you're done, so I can say 'uh-huh' and pretend like I'm listening," Picturing Goku with Sanzo slung over his shoulder was priceless. If Sanzo doesn’t have a stroke before this story is over, I will be amazed. I have a question and it is bugging the crap out of me. What promise had Gojyo failed to keep? (“ had threatened to explode when Gojyo had failed to keep that last promise.”) My mind is drawing a blank here and it is driving me crazy.

Author's Response: A few people did forget the original BaL, or assumed that I only had this as a sequel because it's in the same canonical storyline as the other fic. I didn't mean for Kaiya being Amaya's daughter to be such a twist, but it happened that way. ^^; Hakkai was being a jerk, but he was a jerk with very strong motivations, so I think you were justified in being pissed at him. I also didn't mean for Amaya's story to be such a direct reflection of Hakkai's, and in a weird way, I think the fact that it does makes her a more sympathetic villain--after all, Gonou was doing some ghastly things, but was sympathetic in his motivations. What takes away that sympathy is how horribly she treated Kaiya, who somersaults ahead from being a wordless, motivationless villain to being a tragic character. Gojyo "keeping that last promise" is a reference to far later in Gunlock, a story that I've made reference to a few times over the course of BaL/RHaC. Basically, Hakkai gets a cold, and gets his own hotel room to rest in while the others crash in another. He makes Gojyo promise at least twice to keep their hotel room clean. He doesn't, of course, and the place is thoroughly smashed (so badly that Sanzo's sutra gets lost in the rubble). Hakkai, after getting better, sees this and utterly snaps, pulling a bunch of nasty tricks on them and leaving them all behind. (Including ginking the holy credit card, ruining their cigarettes and tea, and so on.) Basically, his patience with all of their shit--Gojyo's especiallly--over the last three and a half seasons finally ran out.

Reviewer: Chantrea Johari Anonymous Date: 06/10/05 - 11:53PM Title: Circling Overhead

I found this fic not long ago, and though I pretty much stopped reading Saiyuki fanfiction a quite a while ago, your writing captivated me. I must admit, that I was initially a bit wary about the Hakkai/Kanan thing at first, but you've managed it perfectly. I was especially pleased when at the end of the last chapter, Hakkai revealed that not only was she *not* Kanan, but he had known all along. The way you brought matters to light in this chapter (a.k.a. why Hakkai left) made me intensely pleased, as I can completely see it as something Hakkai would do. I could certainly see him leaving in order to spare his friends from seeing his "dark side", so to speak. He does always try to spare them that, or so it seems. I was pretty much screaming by the end of the chapter, so I hope you update soon! I'm dying to know how this gets resolved, though I'm secretly pleased by the plot development (I have a very sadistic love of torturing characters physically, especially those mentally tortured already, for some reason). The hurt/comfort aspect I (hopefully) see in the future has me a bit gleeful. The Sanzo thing had me giggling as well. His reaction was both perfect and priceless. XD I can't wait until you update, and I must say, all of your writing that I've read so far has been superb. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you! It's rather nice to know that my story got your attention, in spite of not participating much in the fandom anymore. ^_^ You know, I didn't really think about how horribly insane the plot twist would sound until I started writing it, and--as a few of my Betas can attest--I started to flat-out panic, thinking I'd lose a lot of readers over what sounds like an implausible idea. That, thankfully, hasn't been the case. ^_^ Hurt/comfort isn't normally my thing--I prefer psychological angst to physical pain--but it works for the story, and it is indeed going to be in the next section. Thanks so much for reading and for leaving a thoughtful review!

Reviewer: Xeriah Anonymous Date: 06/10/05 - 09:01PM Title: Sinners and Saviors

gah You're a brilliant writer. Vivid use of language and yeah, oh yeah, I'm totally loving it. Wicked good stuff.

Author's Response: ^_^ Sankya!

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/09/05 - 09:15PM Title: Sinners and Saviors

this was such a brilliant chapter. i love the allusion of Hakkai as a Phoenix rising up albeit an unholy one. and i think your gonou/hakkai characterisation is just right.

and oh wonder of wonders your wonderfully human (and so in need of washing his mouth out with soap)....i love your sanzo to bits. and Goku just picking him up (sanzo is really gonna be so mad at you!)

and amaya's back story is a nice touch of background and reasoning. one almost feels for her and with her...almost...

and there is everything and more that i just love about the last section. and because i'm me i especially loved the last line. a nice end to the chapter.

thank you! ^___^.

Author's Response: I love my Sanzo, too, although I know he wants me to DIE. Screaming. ^^; I hope you like the next one,too. 's gonna be hellishly long, because I have a lot of ground to cover. Gaaaaaaah. ._.;;

Reviewer: Sorchafyre Anonymous Date: 05/26/05 - 06:06PM Title: The Wrong Side of the Bed

I'm not commenting on the story as a whole, since I"m doing as you asked and waiting until I see what's up before making a judgement. However, I had to comment on how absolutely SOLID the characterization in this chapter is, or more specifically the scene between Goku, Gojyo and Sanzo. Each word, thought and action was so spot-on cannon feeling that I couldn't let it pass. We could *feel* Sanzo's rage and the barrel of his gun, even passed through the filter of Gojyo's perception, and the 'clarity moment' of lust was perfectly balanced between offhandedness and shock that you made us believe both the premise and the reaction. But the absolute crown was Goku stepping in, in such an unexpected yet non-ignorable way. You NAILED that, both in action, character and aftermath. It was beautifully done, and is strong enough to stand with any story out there anywhere.

Author's Response: *turns bright red* Thank you so much! I have to admit, the conversation here was one of my favorite scenes to compose in this entire serial-fic. It was hard for me to write the extremely tense narration from Gojyo's perspective, because I was picturing Goku creaming them with the fan and cracking up half the time. ^^; I struggle a lot with keeping the ikkou as canonical as I possibly can, and it is always marvelous to hear that one's efforst have paid off somehow. Thank you, also, for withholding any possible "What the fuck is wrong with you" until the story's end. I hope that it will meet your expectations.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 05/25/05 - 09:58PM Title: All Good Things

This chapter so made me feel for Gojyo, because he is so hurting, but at least he got to let off some steam.
"Holy beanie" ???~_^. i like your take on his meditation pose. We do see it a lot in pics, and i seriously doubt that it is to contemplate suicide, it is sanzo after all.
"sanzo's stubbornness and anger management problems"... that made me smile, because it is what hakkai does.
and yes it doesn't matter what Hakkai had done, he was in trouble and Gojyo will go to him. It isn't the first time that he's felt some kind of prescience where the youkai is the flashback from vol.5, when Hakkai is attacked by the youkai from the crow clan, Gojyo felt something then too.
Aaah! I knew it...there had to be a reason...This is the youkai whom we all know and love!
cannot wait for more updates. -lol

Author's Response: Sanzo was suicidal when he was much younger, but I don't see him as having any respect for the concept of suicide as an adult--if he was gonna, he would've already. I now wanna write a fic about him pointing the gun to his head for meditation. Gojyo 'knowing' that Hakkai was in shit was a bit of a cheat, but it was a cheat given to me by Minekura-sama, so I felt justified. ^^; And you have NO idea what Hakkai is going to do. Oh man. It'll be interesting. ^^

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