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Reviewer: Jamie Anonymous Date: 12/04/05 - 01:39AM Title: lessons

*Laughing so hard she's shaking silently* (You probably no the type of laughing I'm talking about, lol.) Oh, GOD, that's got to be the funniest fic I've read in a year! Great!

Author's Response: 'course I do. I laugh like that. ^^ I'm grateful that you liked it so much. Thanks for reading it.

Reviewer: Dayast Joy Anonymous Date: 05/16/05 - 02:04AM Title: lessons

I'm totally honoured and happy, and a little breathless from all the giggling, although thankfully, not very urpy hehehe. THANK YOU. I love the way you craft your beautiful stories, side-splittingly funny or heart-achingly moving conversations as well as strong, accurate characterisations around a unifying thread. The ending was just perfect, and brought out the depth of the theme of giving and receiving friendship without any unnecessary exposition. Awww, I just liked this so much...I hope that you write more of under-represented Kou-Doku. Thanks so much for this very precious gift!

Author's Response: You're quite welcome. ^_^ I do plan on writing more Kou/Doku fic, if only because they need to win every now and again. I'm just not sure how I'm going to do it. It will happen, though. Oh yes. *plots*

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 05/14/05 - 10:39AM Title: lessons

Hahaha! I'm glad you decided to follow up on D' Joys suggestion. It's funny, but also poignant, in its signinficance to Doku.
The age thing has always got me too. Although I sometimes forget and when they go into that "10 years ago" mode, I for some reason always count it from when Gojyo first meets Gonou, which is when they're 19 , so really that would have made them 8 or 9. Which is the age you have him down it's fine.
As for the ending, I thought about it..and I thought a little more...and I don't think I would change anything...but I may be biased. I wouldn't even know how to write these two. So kudos to you. ^_~

Author's Response: Doku's got no love, man. I really need to write more for him and Kou; they need to win every now and again. Though neither of them are as yummy as Gojyo and Hakkai. ^^; I never thought about juggling their ages like that before, but that's an effective way of making everything within the series gel; thanks for pointing it out.

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