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Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/09/06 - 06:39PM Title: nothing is real

Nice transition! Can't wait to read the sequel!...(Hmmm, why wait...?)...[action of hitting 'Submit' and scrolling to author's story list...]....See ya soon! ;p

Reviewer: Nightfall Anonymous Date: 05/12/05 - 09:11PM Title: nothing is real

So, I wound up writing this. Yay? Perhaps? Yay, definitely. I'm so glad you didn't rush them, or blaze through the issues.

Author's Response: ^_^ Thank you! It's more logical (and fun, yes) to draw things out for the sake of this story. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: Stage Anonymous Date: 05/12/05 - 07:39PM Title: nothing is real

Finally! Someone who sees rape in fanfiction the same way as I do! Er, anyway, it was faaaabulous. I loved it, per usual, dahlink. I adore the way the hakkai-centric motifs are used without pushing him back to pre-Chin Yisou, making him cry. I hate when people make characters unleash the dam. Anywho, I'm going to re-read some of your stuff because I adore it. :D

Author's Response: A sibling of the mind! *glomps* I still don't understand the urge to fetishize rape, except that the people who do it tend to be the people who've never been raped. (Like how most incest/twincest fans tend to not have siblings or twins.) Ironically enough, I wrote a scene for BaL where Hakkai shed a couple of tears, and I got the almighty smackdown from my girlfriend for it. So now I'm probably incapable of writing him crying, because I fear for my life. ^_^; I'm really glad you enjoyed this one, though. I hope you like the next story arc. ^^;

Reviewer: GhostHelwig Signed Date: 05/12/05 - 12:14PM Title: nothing is real

'Awesome' doesn't even do this justice. I loved your characterizations (again), and I found myself easily drawn into Hakkai's emotions... and your Sanzo just rocks my socks. I do so love that prickly monk. *lol* ^_^

Author's Response: You know, having written him, I've gotten to like him more than I used to. I always panic over writing Sanzo--I literally email sections of story involving him to people I know, and go "Is this Sanzo enough?!", because he's so deceptively complex and simplistic. He's a very easy character to screw up in fanfiction. I think you do an awesome job of portraying him, by the by. ^_^

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 05/11/05 - 11:35PM Title: nothing is real

sigh! don't know what's wrong with me today...a little melancholic i think... but this suited my mood i think...the pace is just nice... yes i think you are right it would be too soon and both are probably still feeling the rawness over the events in BaL. Here' some more poetry for you!
Lament for Peony flowers
I grieve for the red peopny flowers by the steps.
By this evening two branches will have withere.
Tomorrow morning wind will blow away the rest.
At night I keep sad watch, hold flame over the dying red.

Song of an Evening River
A ray of setting sun paves the water,
half the river is emerald, half the river ruby.
I love the third night in the ninth month -
dewdrops turn into pearls, the moon into a bow.

Bai Juyi (772 ~ 846) hope you like. both seem fitting here.
did my emails get through? -^_^ lol

Author's Response: I like the Evening River poem. That's really beautiful. When did you send them? I checked my mail last night around 8 o'clock Central time, and I hadn't gotten them yet.

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