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Reviews For Beyond All Limits
Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/09/06 - 06:18PM Title: Schisms

Very awesome and original story plot! I loved the elements of dark and witty come in to play in this angsty fic! I'm excited to read what you have planned next! ^-^

Reviewer: calbee Anonymous Date: 11/04/05 - 10:36PM Title: Schisms

Oh damn, this fic is *good* (though I wish I read this before its sequel. Things make *a lot* more sense in that story now. Heheh). Still, wonderfully written not to mention nicely tied with its sequel. Will read more of your fics for sure now that I know that they are all so good.

Author's Response: *blush* I'm grateful that you enjoyed them both so much. I hope you like everything else I do as much as these.

Reviewer: Irenthel Anonymous Date: 07/30/05 - 10:19AM Title: Schisms

Hmm... It does seem that I haven't submitted a review. Maybe... Anyway, you are seriously the best author on this site. All of your stuff on here is incredible! Thanks for giving me (and my friends, since I'll be forcing them to read) some good and plotlineful Saiyuki fan fiction to read. ^_^

Author's Response: *turns bright red* Thank you! I don't know that I'm the best fanfiction writer on this site--I know of quite a few people who are better than me in various ways--but I'm really grateful that you enjoy my stuff. ^_^ And thanks for passing my work on to others. I hope they all enjoy it, too.

Reviewer: Irenthel Anonymous Date: 07/20/05 - 12:34PM Title: Making a Break

I feel so lucky to have come across this story, I was in dire need of good Saiyuki fanfiction. Wonderful work!

Author's Response: I'm glad it qualified as good, then. :D Thanks so much for reading it!

Reviewer: IsilmeAlantha Anonymous Date: 06/30/05 - 10:55AM Title: Schisms

Actually, I didn't feel it was one of your best in parts. Towards the end it felt more like your better writing, but not so much at the beginning... For the real review: Had some very nice wording, as you tend to do. Felt so bad for Gojyo and Hakkai, but I'm glad things turned out somewhat okay for them in the end! Yayness abound for that. It was a cute scene at the end. Sanzo on his fan-happy spree amused me. ^_^ I liked the detail you had in the last two chapters or so. It was much better in those, IMO. But I think that's only because things were being figured out and resolved and you were being much more discriptive. And that always helps. (o_o;; Ee, my first review, please don't eat me!)

Author's Response: *pets and loves* Hi, hon. The thing about this story is that, in its beginning, I was writing fanfiction for the first time in... *counts on fiingers* three years. So it's not really surprising to me that it's not my best in the beginning. I feel that it starts to pick up towards the end of the second chapter, personally, but that's my thing. ^^;

Reviewer: GhostHelwig Signed Date: 05/12/05 - 12:12PM Title: Schisms I don't even know where to -start-. Your obviously supreme writing talent? Your exquisite characterizations? Your obvious care in the words you use to portray what's going on? No. I think I'll start with what drew me in - the -plot-. You took what could have been a OOC story where Gojyo's craziness is played for laughs and 'teh edgy horror' and turned it into pure, undeniable gold. Everything he went through was horrifying, & I found myself on the verge of laughing simply because everything was -so NOT funny-. And the fact that the attempted rape was dealt with in such a careful, respectful manner made my love of this story all the more poignant. And I loved the scene where Sanzo had to tell Goku what rape was. This line- ~"It's the worst thing you can do to someone."~ -just struck me as being very Sanzo in its very simple intensity. All in all, a wonderful read. I look forward to the continuation. ^_^

Author's Response: *turns bright red* Now I feel all self-conscious... ._.;; Thanks so much for reading this one, which is currently as dear to me as an actual child. I really wanted to get through my idea without making it seem ridiculous, or without turning it into something that was too silly/played up for laughs. Any humor in here, I tried to make it dark. I'm really glad that you enjoyed that aspect of the story. I dealt with the rape so carefully because I know it's a stereotype. "OMG, Hakkai took off his limiters, now we'll let him rape Gojyo!" or "Gojyo got hit by the minus wave, now he can rape Hakkai!" seems to be a common theme in fanfiction. That wasn't what I was going for. I assure you, I was freaking out so much about doing it correctly that I had a litter of kittens and a flying cow, so it is a relief to know that you think I did it correctly. Thank you so much for reading, and for enjoying this particular tale.

Reviewer: naim Anonymous Date: 05/10/05 - 11:01AM Title: Kaiya

All I could say is WOW! Read the whole story but i figured this chapter really deserved the review, you're so great! I loved this chapter! From the summary, where Gojyo woul commit the ultimate betrayal, WOW! Really you're a great writer! I wish you prolonged Gojyo's agony though. Looking forward to the sequel!

Author's Response: Oh, my friend, if you want more Gojyo torture, the next story arc will do you fine. ._.;; Let me assure you that "Beyond all Limits"'s sequel will contain a LOT more of me dragging him through the mud and the crud; even though he's supposedly my favorite character, I torture him a hell of a lot. Poor baby. ^^;

Reviewer: Tochira Anonymous Date: 05/06/05 - 09:32AM Title: Schisms

*is dead from laughing* There are no words for how much I love this Sanzo. He's exactly himself, no more and no less and he's so /mean/ in all those little petty ways! The crude, rude turns of phrase in dialogue and out made it all the more enjoyable (and believable). XD Fantastic writing. Thank you for finishing this, because it deserved to be complete.

Author's Response: I still think it's amazing how many people like this characterization of Sanzo. I assure you, it's not because of any talent on my part; it's because every time he opened his mouth, I panicked and re-read and re-re-wrote everything he said, to make it "Sanzo enough". ^^; Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much! ^_^ I hope you like the upcoming sequel as well.

Reviewer: Dayast_Joy Signed Date: 05/04/05 - 08:36PM Title: Schisms

These lines were so touching that I couldn't not point them out: "That smile in the rain had been one of familiarity and welcoming, calling him back to where he didn't know he belonged, to what he'd been looking for his entire fucking life." Exquisite. This story is pure writing talent -- can't say it enough :)

Author's Response: ... *glomp* That was one of the lines I was most proud of in this chapter! I'm glad you liked it so much! *spins you about* Your reviews are the best! Thank you for putting the time into writing them. ^_^

Reviewer: Dayast_Joy Signed Date: 05/04/05 - 07:55PM Title: Schisms

This was AMAZING. I can't believe how expertly you manipulate the reader's emotions with your words: I was hurting with sympathy, laughing till I snorted and gaping goggle eyed...all while reading just one chapter! This series definitely goes into my favourites, I just want to read it over and over again. You are possibly the best Sanzo writer I've ever come across: his exclamation "Quit feeding my car chocolate, fuckmook," was just so TRUE to character, and it was hilarious and outrageous how he just knocked the manager out and ran for it. And punching himself in the face to try and escape Goku's snoring, and the closing line: "It was going to be a beautiful day for Sanzo. Oh, yes." How DO you do it, its just WOW. Totally. And Hakkai getting cash back from the credit card, that reminds me of the Gunlock episode when the put upon youkai runs, beautiful characterisation (a helluva lot more accurate than Sanzo's aim), great conversation, tight pacing -- I can't ask for more in a fic, really. Please please write more. :D

Author's Response: O_O You really are great for my ego. *glomps* I think it's amusing that everyone loves my characterization of Sanzo in this fic, which is the first time I ever really tried to write him seriously... because that's the one I was the most afraid of. If it's accurate, it's because I was painstakingly panicking over every word out of his mouth, going "Oh shit, is that Sanzo enough?!" Now I apparently need to write for him more often. I'm really, truly glad that you enjoyed this story so much. I can only hope that I'll stop quaking in my boots about the sequel and get started on it. ^_^;;;

Reviewer: Lilith Anonymous Date: 04/26/05 - 04:17PM Title: Schisms

XD I love your characterizations... And I wish I could blend humour and sincerity as well as you do; it's that juxtaposition that really makes your stories a great read.

Author's Response: I tend to shift between ridiculous humor/slapstick and seriousness; it's more my inherent schizophrenia than any talent on my part, I assure you. ^_^; I'm really glad you enjoy it, though. Thanks for reading through this one; it's my baby.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 04/26/05 - 10:11AM Title: Schisms

ps - you mean there's more to this...excellent. drooling in anticipation already

Author's Response: Yes. More, once I stop fucking panicking and write it.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 04/26/05 - 10:08AM Title: Schisms

and as the "moment spun out tense and awkward" you had goku defuse(diffuse?)- both seem apt here- the situation. A nice shows a mature side of his which people often don't give him enough credit for.
and sanzo as the star of a bad western-ultimate cool. and maybe you should have had a showdown between him and the manager he is quite the character
and the conversation between gojyo and hakkai...i had to read it thrice over. it was done just right and just nice.
and ends of all ends sanzo had to have some compensation for all the stuff he'd been mangled through lately and you've shown hakkai here to be a big spender too. a nice idea. so thwack! thwack! thwack! you gotta love it!
so ok this was a joy to read start to finish...and now that i've left this for you... i'am going to read it through once again uninterupted! yay! lol

Author's Response: I was told to not write a childlike Goku, because a) that's what happens a lot and b) it's not an entirely fair characterization. He's immature, but more in a teenage way than a completely childlike fashion, so I was going for more of a teenage attitude. Nice to hear that I got it okay. ^_^ I'm also glad you liked all the little touches. I only hope that I'll be able to maintain the story's velocity into the next arc, 'ey? ^_^

Reviewer: DayastJoy Anonymous Date: 04/20/05 - 02:31AM Title: Kaiya

This was an amazing read. Awesome pacing and action, I couldn't tear my eyes away. So many parts are laugh out loud funny! I was hooked from the first line about Goku, I think your protrayal of him is especially precious. Gojyo writing "I AM A STUPID MONKEE" on his forehead is hilarious, and in the series Gojyo's always scribbling on Goku, so that was a cute mention. And he SO would get the spelling wrong :) The plot is tight, the characterisation spot on, I love Hakkai's little jibes at Sanzo, their verbal sparring in the series is often hopelessly lost by crap subtitles, so quality fanfiction like this story is a real treat. I haven't laughed so hard or been so freaked out all at the same time for absolutely ages. THANK YOU for writing this. Can't wait for the concluding part, the hotel manager ought to win a prize for funniest original character :) I'm glad I'll be reading more of him in the next episode. Thanks alot for sharing. Treat us, write more ;D

Author's Response: I originally wrote it as "STUPID MONKEY", but figured that the likelihood of Gojyo achieving a good education wasn't very high. Glad you liked that touch. ^_^ I hope that the conclusion will be worth the wait--I'm currently stuck on it. -_-; I know what I want to write; it's just the writing it that's stopping me short. Thanks for reading and for the great review!

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 04/14/05 - 10:28AM Title: Making a Break

ahahaha! the sanzo houshi sama flea dance of death! i like it...will he get a slot on riverdance d'you think? i found abit of poetry to fit your fic...

The Sick Rose

O rose, thou art sick! (Gojyo)
The invisible worm (Kaiya/youkai/yurei)
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed (Gojyo's mind and memories)
Of crimson joy,
And his dark secret love (poison arrow of mistrust)
Does thy life destroy (all Gojyo holds dear)

William Blake.

can't wait for the last chapter.

Author's Response: Wow. A reviewer that quotes old poetry. That's really classy. ^_^ And I appreciate the compliment of being attributed to Blake's work--I always liked that poem, myself. The last chapter is coming slowly but surely--I'll let you know once it's up, 'kay?

Reviewer: Zimus Anonymous Date: 04/13/05 - 03:24PM Title: Agave

Oh my....this story is just amazingly fun... and dark at the same time... I've just had the best time reading it! Definetly an instant favorite.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ^_^ I've had the best time writing it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 04/13/05 - 12:14PM Title: Making a Break

whoa! girl you have been busy....can't wait to find out what happens at the end. a gripping dark thriller of the supernatural so rock!

Author's Response: Yes. Busy like a mofo on this fic, which has bloody possessed me. Don't mind the possession at all. ^_^; If you want, the sixth section is already up at my MediaMiner account.

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