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Reviewer: zan Anonymous Date: 04/07/05 - 08:45PM Title: singlechapter

glad to see this here. a gaiden story is rare, a good one even rarer. this one is a gem...there's more right? ... please? (...goes of to find out more about japanese and chinese gods and ragons...)

Author's Response: There's "The Widening Gyre" which's a longer project; I'm sorta trying to control how much I juggle, so I'll probably at the very least hold off on putting that up visibly until Finals Week is over.

Reviewer: Kiro Signed Date: 04/07/05 - 03:53PM Title: singlechapter

Ooo fascinating... I'm not very familiar with Chinese legends and folklore, but I do find them interesting. I love how you explained and wove them into your story. Very vivid.

Author's Response: I do folklore research for a hobby, and there's a TON of material - I was worried with one this short I might've covered "too much too fast" ^_^; so I'm glad to hear it made sense.

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