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Reviews For Third Degree
Reviewer: Kiro Signed Date: 04/04/05 - 09:20AM Title: The Dead Man

Really impressive. The balance between intense, unfiltered, too-real feeling, and the distanced, numb, theoretical knowledge is very well done, very IC for dying Gonou. The writing style of short fragments and very few contextual details suits it perfectly, and allows so much more to be communicated unsaid.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 04/03/05 - 10:33PM Title: The Dead Man

"in reality, water has no colors" very haiku -like. i love all your pieces. just so you know. they beg to be read again, again and yet again. i like your poetic style. and do you know if you read this piece backwards, paragraph/line by paragraph/line. it makes sense even then....i know i'm weird like that. now that is genius. and cool...and ...ok i'll stop now. till next time

Author's Response: Thank you for reading this. :)

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