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Reviews For Waking the Dead
Reviewer: Jenna Muff Anonymous Date: 07/09/05 - 01:01AM Title: Blind Dogma

Ohmagod. Will you marry me? ...As a wedding gift, of course, I shall demand the rest of this fic. What a perfectly marvelous story! Sanzo's first-person POV is fucking brilliant, hilarious and totally in-character to boot. Thank you times infinity for that--so difficult to find accurate Sanzos these days! Your Honored Priest keeps me in stitches! :D Goku is lovely, as well. Our brainless little monkey, who has no qualms about jumping on Sanzo's case about eating. Excellent! Gonou/HeyYou/Hakkai is so, so pretty here. The relationship budding between him and Sanzo is just so painful to see, and yet so very beautiful. It's like watching somebody with a sucking chest wound try to give an impromptu amputee a live-saving blood transfusion... Haven't seen much of Gojyo yet, but he was fantastic when he was around. Your weaving of fic events with "canon" manga events has me truly astounded. The cracked ribs explanation for Gojyo's non-interference was priceless! The other monks aren't exactly a joy to read, but Sanzo's reactions certainly are. Especially to that bastard big-cheese monk's original sentence for Gonou. What a fucking joke! Good thing Sanzo's enough of a priest to know the loopholes, and enough of a bastard to exploit them, eh? Fucking monks. Sanzo really should just go postal one of these days... Anyway, just thought I'd drop a note and tell you how excellent this story is, how much I HEART it, and how much it's going at the top of my "Waiting For Updates" list! Thank you so much! @Jen@ P.S. Okay, okay, you don't have to marry me... will you keep writing if I promise illicit sexual favors? ;)

Author's Response: *pikupiku* Uh, thank you? ^_^; The "sucking chest wound..." is a pretty good metaphor for the situation. As for the other monks, weellll, about the only one with half a spine's the librarian really - but they make good foils. I will note that this has a "partner fic" on that's from Gonou/Heyyou/Hakkai's POV (Here Lies Gonou), by Isil Elen.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 04/11/05 - 08:26PM Title: Blind Dogma

glad chap 7 is up, have only just gat a chance to read it. i am enjoying the dark inward spiral imagery you seem to be using as a link through the chapters. it's like that is hakkai's security blanket. and sanzo is using it as a gauge of some sort. and goku here is written in quite nicely as not quite bodyguard/shadow looking after sanzo. will keep looking out for future chaps. and can't wait to see how you write gojyo's interaction with sanzo again when he goes off to tell him that his gonou is 'dead'. you just do that so well.

Author's Response: I dunno if "security blanket" is *entirely* the right word, but something like that - Sanzo's impressions of auras are my attempt at making a reasonable approximation of what he hints at in the anime about knowing when things are hostile etc.; he doesn't get "train of thought", just empathy basically, thou you can probably pick out what translates to what between the descriptions here and Isil's fic. I actually have the notes down on how the scene with Gojyo's going to go, I just need to catch up in chapters.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 03/31/05 - 09:18AM Title: Old Wounds

hehe! sorry me again. the story here is the same as one on ff. right? i left a review for you, there. and have now read both stories. thanks for bringing it here. as i said, well thought out and cohesive collaboration between the two of you. they flow well with one another. i left isil a review too. sorry can't help it. i have a saiyuki addiction. good work!

Author's Response: It's pretty much the same. I'll post there as I finish and get my first check-over edit done, then I'll usually do a "final edit" and post here; most of the changes are so minor they're not worth noting (Punctuation here and there, sentence structure). Thank you!

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 03/30/05 - 07:59AM Title: Foggy Shades of Grey

excellent piece. i love the descriptive fight scenes, which i have difficulty with. aaah! who am i kidding... i have difficulty with everything. well thought out and you've got the interaction between gojyo and sanzo down pat! i'll have to try and track down the story you mentioned on ffdot net. simply put. brilliant!

Author's Response: Yeah... "Here Lies Gonou" by Isil Elen....she's said she's bringing it here, but she's had stuff keeping her afk for a while, so I'm not sure when she'll get it posted here too.

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