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Reviewer: itainohime Signed Date: 04/08/05 - 12:23PM Title: The one and only

I know I'm not supposed to like Ni. He's an evil sick twisted bastard. But I do. I really like the undertones of both perversion and erotica that you got through in this story; it's true to his character, and to the weird dynamic he shares with Hwan. *claps*

Reviewer: Kiro Signed Date: 04/04/05 - 09:29AM Title: The one and only

Ooo... well written mind-games, excellent characterisation. The twisting of the quote at the beginning was quite intriguing, although I was partly expecting it to be echoed or answered in some way at the end, though it's not necessary.

Reviewer: Random Weirdo Anonymous Date: 03/26/05 - 01:48PM Title: The one and only

Nice job? O.o Dunno what to say...good work and interesting?

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