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Reviews For Not Quite Comfort
Reviewer: kispexi2 Anonymous Date: 07/16/06 - 08:01AM Title: One-shot

Wow. Intense. The sense of desperate need you created was anazing.

Reviewer: Julie E. Anonymous Date: 12/14/05 - 01:22PM Title: One-shot

What a great blend of sex and emotion--I thoroughly enjoyed this less-than-pretty look into the complex emotions at play between these characters as lovers. I have a fondness for Hakkai/Sanzo stories and this was very unique compared to what I've come across so far, because Sanzo and Hakkai are so faithfully painted here--the dialogue and non-dialogue are rich and dark, very satisfying in that combination. Thanks for posting it.

Reviewer: Bandit_wraith Anonymous Date: 08/27/05 - 12:35AM Title: One-shot

xD wow I love random 'feel better' smex. >.> and hardcore 58 shipper that I am.... 38 is growing on me too ( betrayal! gasp!) But yes, I loved this.

Reviewer: hungry_worm Anonymous Date: 05/26/05 - 05:22PM Title: One-shot

Wow. Hot. Bittersweet, but good at it.

Reviewer: sanzosslave652 Signed Date: 04/27/05 - 09:05PM Title: One-shot


Reviewer: Teresa Anonymous Date: 03/23/05 - 07:59PM Title: One-shot


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