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Reviews For An Honest Letter
Reviewer: wolfstone Anonymous Date: 08/13/05 - 08:18AM Title: -singlechapter-

i really liked this story; second time i'm reading it:) it's really funny, especially goku's reaction to the letter, and the way sanzo phrased his request to 'those assholes'...haha

Reviewer: Judi Anonymous Date: 03/25/05 - 11:55PM Title: -singlechapter-

I really enjoyed this story, especially Goku's reaction to the honest letter and the last conversation. Good job. :)

Reviewer: Tochira Anonymous Date: 03/20/05 - 03:28AM Title: -singlechapter-

Loved this on, and I love it here. My favorite part is Goku and Sanzo's conversation at the end... I can practically see Sanzo's lip curl in distaste/discomfort. Fabulous. XD; Welcome!

Reviewer: zaknaf27 Anonymous Date: 03/19/05 - 02:28PM Title: -singlechapter-

I really enjoyed your story. It was appealing to see Sanzo express his true feelings and then have to agonize over more diplomatic wording. Poor guy, the agony he probably went through because he wouldn't be able to shoot anybody. Got a laugh from me. And I liked the fact that a memory of Koumyou was there. Very enjoyable story and I hope you keep it up and write more.

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