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Reviews For Medication
Reviewer: lacerta ( Anonymous Date: 09/01/06 - 11:11AM Title: 1.

This all were very accurate comparisons. Very insightful fic.

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 04/19/06 - 05:55PM Title: 1.

The metaphors are great. This poetic style of writing is real nice to read... it's good that you write bitter-sweet and not angst... I think you'll be a potentially distressing writer if you write angst cos they'll be so good...

Reviewer: Ryuuen Anonymous Date: 03/19/05 - 12:32PM Title: 1.

I... loved this. Deeply. Wonderful. I love how you looked into the characters like that, and the metaphors, and... and... *dies of fangirlish bliss*

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