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Reviews For Fences
Reviewer: gen Anonymous Date: 04/10/07 - 01:22AM Title: 1.

i really liked this. couldnt believe you had gojyo wait all this time... but i guess you didnt let him wait in vain.  i like the youkai/human dialogue within gojyo.  one was for caution, and the other was all for it.


Reviewer: s0hmam0miji Anonymous Date: 04/09/07 - 06:45PM Title: 1.

Funny and HOT!  Really enjoyed it! 

I liked Gojyo's youkai side coming through.  Very original!

Reviewer: s0hmam0miji Anonymous Date: 04/09/07 - 06:44PM Title: 1.

*claps*  Funny and very hot!  Loved it! 

I enjoyed Gojyo's youkai side coming through -- very original!

Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/16/06 - 09:31PM Title: 1.

Ooooo, yummy! I loved the entire thing: from the build up until the sweet kiss in the end (~and then some~)!...You should definitely have a companion piece!...But I still loved the writing style and Gojyo's inner youkai and the lovey-dovey couple that called them a couple....EVERYTHING! Really great! ^-^

Reviewer: heartsfantasyigor Anonymous Date: 02/12/06 - 08:57PM Title: 1.

this is wonderful, seriously, it good enough that u can actually continue.. like have sequel..

Reviewer: Kaoro Anonymous Date: 01/24/06 - 01:24PM Title: 1.

Oh, you deserve better than just three rewiews. It's really good. It's serious and funny at the same time. I like the picture of Hakkai distorting the real Hakkai. Gojyo can't really know which one IS Hakkai and in the end... well, in the end, I was laughing to tears, and I think I smiled even after I get to bed ( beacause I read your fanfiction very late at night ). So, there. If I could find you on, You'd be in my Autor Alert right now... I didn't find your fic on ffnet. ^^

Reviewer: Louise Lux Anonymous Date: 06/10/05 - 09:21AM Title: 1.

Very funny! Gojyo's other Voice worked really well to show up his youkai half and I adored the ending, with the mention of the Marshall. Lovely fic.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 05/23/05 - 11:45AM Title: 1.

i like this one especially as it almost is a gaiden fic. almost but not quite...nice

Reviewer: Solaas Signed Date: 02/27/05 - 08:47AM Title: 1.

I really liked this one; it's a nifty touch to have Gojou's two halves being sentinent -- I've only seen it done with Hakkai/Gonou before. Good job! :)

Author's Response: Why, thank you! :D

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