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Reviews For A Thing of Beauty
Reviewer: Dana Anonymous Date: 07/28/06 - 09:22AM Title: A Thing of Beauty

I love the symbolism.  Very nice.  I, too, would enjoy reading more in this vein.

Reviewer: Diana Anonymous Date: 03/20/06 - 09:49PM Title: A Thing of Beauty

What a wonderful little look into Goku's head! Too cute!

Reviewer: Jaina Anonymous Date: 02/19/06 - 02:38PM Title: A Thing of Beauty

Beautiful!!!And much insinuated but not said.Veyr good work. The Sanzo/Goku pieces were so good!!!!I can totally see this happening in the manga^^ Lovely, it is.

Reviewer: Julie E. Anonymous Date: 12/14/05 - 12:16PM Title: A Thing of Beauty

Very satisfying read, I was left wanting more. I love the subtlety in this short piece, and I got vibes of 3/9 as well as vibes of 3/8, (because I'm a perv). Great wisdom/non-wisdom from my favorite Monkey King.

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