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Reviews For Where You Go
Reviewer: gerigirl Anonymous Date: 08/11/07 - 10:47PM Title: One-shot

i'm sure it was a well earned place because i love how goku just took control and gave sanzo what he need and so much more.3x9 9x3 4ever

Reviewer: Julie E. Anonymous Date: 12/14/05 - 11:41AM Title: One-shot

"You want everything," Sanzo growled. "You always want everything. Always." That line was just perfection. Honestly. There is so much potency in your writing--you say so much with so little, how glorious. Thank you for sharing.

Reviewer: hungry_worm Anonymous Date: 05/26/05 - 05:17PM Title: One-shot

*fans self* Aww nice!! My new discovered favourite couple. ^_^ They have their own charm and dynamics for sure. Loved this one-shot :)

Reviewer: shuimm Anonymous Date: 01/27/05 - 06:40AM Title: One-shot

Yay! Goku finally got to Sanzo! ^__^ This was wonderful!

Reviewer: Hane Shinohara Anonymous Date: 01/24/05 - 12:12PM Title: One-shot

I adore this. That is all.

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